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Country: United Kingdom
Description: My main tank is a fluval Uno tank measuring 36x15x18 (LxBxH). This is around 165 litres. It contains an arcadia twin lighting system supporting 2x 24" 18w Aquaglo bulbs. Was running my fluval 405 external filter until it broke down.Currently running 2 fluval 3+ internals that i removed from my 2 3ft stock tanks. an elite 200w heater running. It has 6mm pea gravel substrate with artificial decorations, fake plants, bridge and ship wreck.
Advice: Read up on the hobby before you think of keeping tropical fish. Its not just adding water, filtration and a heater to a tank, then adding fish. Many of the new hobbyists that ask me for info on the hobby dont realise the amount of work required in keeping fish. You need to think about cycling the tank, compatible fish and being able to treat any diseases with the right medication you may encounter, and also being able to carry out the required maintenance.
Fish Kept: Tetras, Livebearers, cichlids, catfish, bettas, danios, rasboras, sharks, neon dwarf rainbows. also have species tank with Phallictyths Quadripunctatus (rare livebearer). wild caught and koi angelfish.
Corals/Plants: Only use java moss when breeding sometimes, prefer to use spawning mops
Tank Size: 43 gallons
Quote: Who needs a tv, when you have fish to watch
About Yourself: I first got into keeping tropical fish when I was seven, after my dad keeping fish for 25 years. Over the following five years, I read up on breeding various tropical fish, the requirements, setups, and all the nessacery stuff. By the age of 13, i had a small breeding setup in my bedroom, consisting of 1 3ft community tank and 6 2ft breeding tanks, containing sterbai corys, koi angelfish, albino bristlenose cats, farowellas, kribensis and cockatoo cichlids (double reds). Over the past 10 years I have extended my range of knowledge as well as tanks and breeding setups. I currently have 2 3ft community tanks, 8 2ft breeding tanks and 8 18" cube breeding tanks. I currently breed as a hobby breeder and sell some fish onto other hobbyists at my local club as well as in my community. It has been very successful and is such an exciting hobby that my 2 1/2 year old son already has his own tank and feeds his own fish and helps me with the setups of new tanks.


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