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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Natural environment tropical corner aqaurium with various bogwoods & several species of plants making a very natural looking aqauruim, nicely established community tank. equipment: juwel trigon corner 350 beech effect, hagen fluval 405 external filter, hagen fluval 403 external filter, heavily modified lighting system: juwel t8 twin 15 inch light unit - 2 x hagen powerglo tubes, juwel t8 twin 36 inch light unit - hagen powerglo & hagen aquaglo tubes, hagen glo t8 twin 15 inch light unit - 2 x hagen flora tubes, hagen glo t5 twin 22 inch light unit - 2 x hagen t5 lifeglo tubes, all light tubes with individual reflectors, 4 plug in light timers, 300w visitherm heater, caribsea eco complete substrate, several pieces of bogwood & mapani, 100% pure ro water. no co2 injection or diffusion system.
Advice: Build & design your tank over a period of a few days or weeks allowing you to think of new ideas to add to your design. Test your patience as much as you can especially when starting off. Read up & check out any rare species of fish or plants so that you can care to there needs as much as possible. Always get 2 or 3 opnions and cross reference advice given as most fish shops will tell you anything for a sale & may sound more experinced or knowledgable than they are. Try to stick to a few fish shops & build a relationship, it will get you personal advice from staff & pay off in an emergency. NEVER FISH SHOP WATER, always net your fish from the water they come in after you float your fish for a good while. For delicate fish you can acclimatise them by adding a bit of your water to theres, but still net them out and get rid of the water they came in. Make sure you bury you plants well, CO2 injection isnt nessary in most tanks. If you want your plants to grow then get bright lights and have as little water movement as possible avoiding stagnent areas and oxygen starvation. Co2 in the water and bright lights make plants grow & even a bit of iron fertiliser helps out sometimes. Net out dead fish & plant leaves etc asap. Inspect your fish for desease regular and WASH YOUR FILTER SPONGES IN TANK WATER.
Fish Kept: 1 ghost knife fish, 1 siamese male fighter + 2 females, killi panchaz, killi gardneri, orange cockatoo dwarf cichlid, flag ram, golden ram, 2 dennison / red line torpedo barbs, 10 rumy nose tetra, 6 penguin tetra, pair orange adult sailfin molly's, 2 golen sucking loach, orange edge juli + 4 other juli catfish, flying fox, 7 chain botia's
Tank Size: 350 gallons
About Yourself: Car Mechanic / Car Panel Beater, family always kept Tropical Fish


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