Photo #0 - My Fat Clown Loach. He's A Bit Light In Colo...

Submitted By: Shawn Wilkinson on
Photo Caption: My fat Clown Loach. He's a bit light in colour than his usual cos it's feed time and he gets a bit nervous with all the other fish around.

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Country: Australia
Description: 5ft tank: 152.5cm long x 40.5cm wide x 50cm high. 300W Aqua One Heater, Ehiem Classic 2217 external filter, Otto internal filter, single globe 5ft flourescent lighting.
Advice: Filtration is the key to winning the battle!
Fish Kept: Venustus, Blue Dolphin, Dragonblood, Mbumba, Demasoni, Frontosa, Livingstoni, Red Forest Jewell, Electric Yellow, Electric Blue x 2, Clown Loach, Bristlenose Catfish, Red Zebra, Cobalt Blue, Red Top Zebra, Eureka Red Peacock, Red Empress, Marble Peacock, Hajomaylandi, Acei, Latafasciata, Firebird Peacock.
Corals/Plants: Plastic plants with lots of Womera rocks (Australian) as caves for my fishies.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: Fish are friends not food!!
About Yourself: Have been into the hobbie all my life as my father had fish. Got my own fish tank when I was around 14 so I've been in the game now for over 15 years.


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