Photo #7 - My True Blue Zoas...yes They Really Are That Blue...

corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - colony polyp stocking in 29 gallons tank - My true blue zoas...yes they really are that blue, under 50/50 lighting at that. :)
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Photo Caption: My true blue zoas...yes they really are that blue, under 50/50 lighting at that. :)
saltwater fish - amphiprion ocellaris - ocellaris clownfish stocking in 29 gallons tank - My fish are photogenic...but I need a macro lens like crazy. They pose for you see. :)
corals inverts - montipora capricornis - red candy cap coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - This is a montipora cap that I was given, another benefit of hanging out at the lfs and helping out. its growing very slowly, but extends all day every day. A gorgeous addition to any reef!
corals inverts - euphyllia glabrescens - torch coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - The purple up top is a snail that was one of a bunch that was born two months back. They are growing quickly, with plenty of algae. The light blue on the right is just showing another baby snail along with culpera. The pink is a mini bristle star, and the yellow is a bristle worm. The green is xenia that just apeared, and the purple is to show that lovely sediment. MMMMM.......NASTY. also if you look at all the little white dots.......they are filter feeding feather dusters. they help too!
corals inverts - galaxea spp. - tooth coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - This is my galaxy coral that I aquired for helping out at the lfs. Help out.......get free stuff. Awesome coral and LOVES to eat. It doesnt open up like the mother colony does....but I think it will with time.
corals inverts - acropora sp. - acropora coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - I got this coral in January 2009 for FREE. It was given to me by the owner of my lfs. He said I could have it because he highly doubted it would ever grow. Well...when I got it, it was the size of one of the fingers on it now.....Its turned out to be one of my favorites!
corals inverts - acropora millepora stocking in 29 gallons tank - Ice blue Millipora. its an ORA coral and I bought it from a friend for very cheap. He bought it for 95 bucks for two inches. Should be gorgeous with some growth to it.
corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - colony polyp stocking in 29 gallons tank - My true blue zoas...yes they really are that blue, under 50/50 lighting at that. :)
corals inverts - euphyllia paradivisa - frogspawn coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - This is my hammer coral that I have had for 4 months now, I bought it with 2 heads and now it has four, almost five.
corals inverts - fungia sp. - plate coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - fungi plate
corals inverts - goniopora sp. - flower pot coral stocking in 29 gallons tank - This is one of my corals during the morning. Its not open all the way, but when it gets all the way open......its HUGE.

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: My tank is 29 gallons and right at a year old. I have tried to keep my whole setup as natural as possible with filtration and water parameters. I have three fish (two clowns and a six line wrasse) and a number of corals. I have a AquaC Remora Pro, 20 gallon sump with 60lbs of sand, a filter sock to get out debris, a CPR overflow with two outlets to safeguard my tank, and my return pump is a mag drive 9.5 hooked to a scwd to give me switching currents. I have put a lot of time and money into this hobby and it is my passion.
Advice: Be PATIENT. Thats why I got into this, to help me with my patients. You rush and you will fail.
Fish Kept: Two clowns, sixline wrasse, 100ish nassarious snails, sea cucumber, and 4 turbo snails.
Corals/Plants: in my refuge I have brown red and green algaes as well as 60 mangroves. I have acropora, birdsnest,mushrooms,hammer corals, galaxy corals, fungi plate coral, xenia, and even palys and zoas.
Tank Size: 29 gallons
Quote: what goes around comes around
About Yourself: Im only 20 years old but I live in Florida an love the florida keys. I like scuba diving and really feel that the reefs should be preserved. I figured it was time to get my own piece of reef in my home so I could enjoy the beauty every day and show people why it needs to be protected. My goal is to have a full blown reef in the top ten on this site and the nicest 29 gallon reef in the world. Its a challenge..........but im up for it.


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