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Country: Canada
Description: Standard 95 gallon tank Inhabitants Malwian Haps and mild mannered mbuna 2 florecent 40w bulbs one daylight and one atinic blue 2 penguine biowheel 200, 1 Ehime classic 1417, 1 Aqua Clear 50 power head with fast filter attached 1 Ebo Jagar 200w heater, 1 Tronic 150w backup heater I also have a 55g Mbuna tank a 20gal fry tank and a 15 gal betta tank(some times he gets moved so that I can grow out more of the cichlid fry) The more filtration the better
Advice: Malwian Haps and Mbuna are great fish to keep they breed easily and are very interesting to watch The more filtration the better and keep up with the water changes especially with the African rift lake cichlids. I change 1/2 the water once a week (sometimes I get away with only every other week but this is the exception not the rule) Keeping fish is very addicted and I have never had the addiction so bad as I have had since I started keeping malwian cichlids
Fish Kept: 90 gal 2 Clown Loaches 5 Flying Fox 2 Chinese Algea Eaters 4 giant danios 3 *Labidochromis Permutt 5 *Labidochromis caeruleus "Electric Yellow" 3 Aulonocara baenschi (Maleri) 3 Aulonocara stuartgranti (blue neon Undu Reef) 4 Placidochromis electra (Undu)" 4 Otopharynx lithobates (Zimbawe, Yellow blaze) 3 Strawberry Peacocks 2 Protomelas sp. "Steveni Taiwan" (Taiwan Reef) 2 Copadichromis borleyi (Kadango) 4 Psuedotropheos sp "acei" (Luwala reef) * means multiple juvies growing out (less than 1in) 55 gal 3 Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos Maingano "Electric Blue Johanii" 4 Pseudotropheus sp. "Elongatus Mpanga" 4 Labidochromis caeruleus (not good breed stock) 2 Clown Loaches 2 Chinese Algea Eaters 2 Labeotropheus fuelleborni (Katale) 3 Metriaclima estherae "red zebra" 3 Metriaclima sp "zebra gold" Charo 1 UNKNOWN Zebra 20 gal currently fry Labidochromis Permutt Otopharynx lithobates Labidochromis caeruleus 15 gal Blue red Beta
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 95 gallons
Quote: Fish are great aren't they
About Yourself: I have been in the fish hobby for 20 years but only keeping cichlids for 1 1/2 years


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