Photo #2 - My Apple Snails - 2 Oranda 1 Fantail Goldfish ...

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Photo Caption: My apple snails
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - oranda goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - My Orandas Michael & Flounder Please leave a comment
corals inverts - pomacea canaliculata - apple snail stocking in 46 gallons tank - My apple snails
46 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My tank right now....please leave comments - ideas, tips & advice for making it look more like a professional tank!! thanks
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - red oranda goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - my first goldfish who i have had for over a yr now, biggest in the tank! please leave comments
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - crown pearlscale goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - Ben my pearscale, he's only about a year old
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - ranchu goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - RANCHU! Very hard to find in my area!! In fact in a year of going to many diff stores i have never seen one! for no reason at all i went to local fish store & they had a bunch of Ranchu's!! Including my new baby! He's so small! please leave comments & care tips! thanks!
freshwater fish - glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - sailfin pleco (l-83) stocking in 46 gallons tank - My pleco - growing like crazy!! Please leave comments about my Pleco
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - oranda goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - My oranda Flounder
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - oranda goldfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - My oranda Michael What do you think? Please comment

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Country: Canada
Description: 46gal freshwater tank, lots of rocks, driftwood, plastic plants, caves, Ehiem filter, fluval heater & aerator
Advice: Research Research Research!!!!! you can't read enough! & don'talways believe what the people working at the pet store say - they don't always know the facts! Don't feel bad if a fish doesn't work in your tank & you have to take it back to the store - its usually the best thing to do rather than having problems!
Fish Kept: 2 Oranda 1 Fantail goldfish 1 Pearscale goldfish 1 Ranchu goldfish 1 sailfin pleco 2 small zebra danios 2 blue longfin danios 2 chinese butterfly loches(or the various other names they fall under) 2 mystery/apple snails 1 zebra snail
Corals/Plants: only plastic bc of snails & goldfish
Tank Size: 46 gallons
About Yourself: Have had betta's in the past a year ago decided to get a small tank & pretty soon was additcted to the hobby!!! Also never knew I was a goldfish person & have since changed my tank into a goldfish tank :)


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