Photo #7 - Here Is The Angle Fish And Friends

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Photo Caption: Here is the Angle Fish and Friends
freshwater fish - pangasius hypophthalmus - iridescent shark stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here is a picture of the Iradescent Shark Cat Fish. As you can see he is not a very active fellow him and the knive fish are buddies they just lay in hidding all the time.
freshwater fish - notopterus chitala - clown knife fish stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here is the Knive fish, after making a cameo role on the main picture (he is behind the Log, you can see his dorsal fin). I was able to drive him out of his cubby hole for a picture.
freshwater fish - thorichthys meeki - firemouth cichlid stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here is the Fire Mouth which will be in exile very soon, Way to agressive with the other fish including those which are 3 or 4 times bigger than him. One interesting note is that he protects the Feeder Gold fish form the predator fish.
freshwater fish - astronotus ocellatus - zebra oscar stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here is an Oscar, which lasted in my tank for about 4 Months. I had to trade him in because as he grew the more agressive it became. It finally bit my Snow Flake Eel which was the last straw.
46 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - What a change in layout can do.
freshwater fish - pygocentrus nattereri - redbellied pirhana stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here IS The Pacu
freshwater fish - pterophyllum sp. - koi angel stocking in 46 gallons tank - Here is the Angle Fish and Friends
46 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - You can Barely see all the inhabitance of the tank but its an overall picture of the tank. I routinely change every thing around so you will see other layouts.

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: A 46 Gallon Bow Front which mostly consist of Odd Ball Fish and others.
Advice: Its not as hard as it seems. Just keep your water changes consistent. If you want live plants make sure you add atleast a cheap CO2 Solution to it as well as good lighting.
Fish Kept: Arowana, Clown Knive Fish, Angel Fish, Pleco, one Apple Snail, Incandescent Shark,Snow Flake Eel, Crabs, Needle Nose Gar, Fire Mouth. Pacus Fish Aswell
Corals/Plants: Gotta Get back to you on that.
Tank Size: 46 gallons
Quote: Hemi's Rule!


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