Photo #10 - My Albino Peacock Think Hes The Center Of Attent...

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Photo Caption: My albino peacock think hes the center of attention
150 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Same tank, but replace 110 lbs of lava rock withe 110 lbs of Texas holey rock. And put 2 wavemaker for extra current
fish tank picture - Blue Cobalt lobster
fish tank picture - A different view of the tank
freshwater fish - neolamprologus leleupi - orange leleupi cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - my leleupi is getting bigger
freshwater fish - labeotropheus fuelleborni - fuelleborni cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - OB Fuelleborni, a new addition to the tank.
freshwater fish - aulonocara sp. - albino peacock cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - My albino peacock likes to be the center of attention.
freshwater fish - altolamprologus compressicep - gold head compressicep cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - One of my fav of the tank. Orange compressicep
fish tank picture - I just love the way these look. Orange compressicep. I've had these(2) since they were an 1/2 inch.
freshwater fish - cyrtocara moorii - blue dolphin cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - My phenochiluses like to stay together in the tank all the time.
freshwater fish - aulonocara sp. - albino peacock cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - My albino peacock think hes the center of attention
freshwater fish - baryancistrus sp. - gold nugget pleco (l-18) stocking in 150 gallons tank - An unrestricted view of the gold nugget pleco
freshwater fish - julidochromis marlieri - marlieri cichlid stocking in 150 gallons tank - What a beautiful marlieri burundi.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: Tank is 5ft. by 2ft. by 2ft. I use 2 24in T-5 powerglo w/ 2 24in blue l.e.d lights. My filtration is 2 Rena XP4's and a in tank Rio 2100 w/ a conversion filter kit. I have a mixture of #0, 3, & 5 aragonite coral (solid ph 8.0). 2 18in sllim bubble wands, 75lbs of lava rock, a 250 watt jeager heater, and a phosban in line filter.
Advice: Filtration, filtration, filtration. You can never have enough filtration
Fish Kept: I have mixture of fish from all 3 lakes (malawi, victoria, tanganyika) and few south american goodies. I have 2 phenochoulis, malawi eyebiter, 2 albino peacocks, ob peacoc,, demosoni, parrot, afra cobue, 2 orange compressiceps, black calvus, scribble, cyclindricus, malieri, 3 yoyo loaches, lelepi, electric yellow, blue ahli, hap moori, blue lobster, sunshine peacock, yellow peacock. red kandango, eureeka red, 5 fancy plecos (bushynose, gold nugget, tiger, king tiger, & rhino) and few I can't name off hand.
Corals/Plants: Artificial plants and coral
Tank Size: 150 gallons
About Yourself: 3 1/2 yeare I walked in a pet store and asked what kind of fish were in the tanks. And now I'm on my second 150 gal tank (just put this one together in Oct 09.


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