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Photo Caption: Just a profile pic from Google images - my Cory is too fast to capture with my Blackberry camera!
freshwater fish - corydoras sp. - false julii cory cat stocking in 3 gallons tank - Just a profile pic from Google images - my Cory is too fast to capture with my Blackberry camera!
fish tank picture - Closeup of 3-gal Picotope
3 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 3-gallon Picotope with supplemental lighting

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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: Tank Volume: 3 US Gallons Dimensions: 11.8" x 8.9" x 8.1" Filtration Type: Pico Powerfilter Model: WF-2015 Volt: 115V Power: 6W GPH: 40gph Dim: 3.3" x 3" x 4" Media: Sponge & Carbon Insert (will be changed to Chemi Pure when it arrives!) Lighting Type: JBJ Picotope Clamp-On Lamp in the back (Power: 9W, Kelvin: 50/50 CF Lamp - Half Blue/Half 10K, Ballast type: Magnetic/Remote) & Azoo Neo-Light (24 LEDs - 6 blue and 18 white) CO2: ADA Nature Aquarium Goods CO2 System 74 Amazonia (not hooked up yet) Substrate Type: ADA Nature Aquarium Goods Power Sand Special-S (bottom layer), Aqua Soil Amazonia - Powder Type (middle layer) & Forest Sand Branco (top layer). Substrate Additives Used: ADA Nature Aquarium Goods Bacter-100 & Clear Super Fertilization: ADA Nature Aquarium Goods Green Brighty - Step 1 (administered 1x per day) Water Chemistry: PH: 6.0 Temperature: 78 F (no heater used due to lights) Maintenance: 1 gallon water change weekly, daily top-off with water treated with Am-Quel
Advice: Less is more, unless you are talking about plants, in which case more is more! Understock, and in your first month, you are better off not stocking anything at all and letting the plants and bacteria work their magic.
Fish Kept: 3 Otocinclus affinis (a.k.a. Oto Cat) 1 Corydoras julii (a.k.a. Leopard Cory) 1 Corydoras splendens (a.k.a. Elegant or Emerald Cory) 1 Caridina japonica (a.k.a. Amano shrimp) In the future I would like to add: 10 Neocardinia heteropoda (a.k.a. Red Cherry Shrimp)
Corals/Plants: Eleocharis parvula (a.k.a. Dwarf Hairgrass) Hemianthus callitrichoides (a.k.a. Dwarf Baby Tears) In the future I would like to add: Vesicularia dubyana (Java moss) affixed to wood in the shape of a dwarf pine tree
Tank Size: 3 gallons
About Yourself: I used to have a 55-gallon planted tank, but now I am in a smaller apt. so I am trying out the nano tank. So far, I think it is quite elegant, but we'll see how everything fares in the long run! I welcome all (constructive) feedback, so please let me know what you think!


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