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State: Indiana
Country: United States
Description: I have a 450 gal. acrylic tank.. it has a closed curcuit filter along with a built in overflow for the biofiltration which was built from scratch with a 75gal tank... it is all hooked together with pvc underneath.. i also have a uv sterilizer pumping through the last stage of filtration before it is sent back into the tank. to build your tank up some after a new set up try to put some good live rock down inside of your filter that worked very well for us ....with a big tank like this our biggest issue was making sure we had enough water flow so make sure your pumps are strong enough.... good luck!!!
Advice: take your time.. if you rush it you will fail.. make sure you read your compatibility charts... pretty doesn't mean nice to others... every fish has its own needs and if you cant provide them don't get it...
Fish Kept: banded cat shark... annularis angel... majestic angel..... lion fish... blue face angel..... blue line angel..... then there is the golden puffer in his own tank obviously.... thats all I really have right now.. I have kept many others in the past with previous tanks that have been sold years ago..
Corals/Plants: bubble anenome,kenya tree,hammer coral,multiple mushrooms,feather dusters, gorganian,few diff. polyps... the basics
Tank Size: 450 gallons
Quote: its better to die standing then to spend your whole life on your knees.
About Yourself: I got into the hobby about 7 years ago.... my husband is the one that started it all.. our first tank together was a 180. I just loved it thru alot of trial and error I finally got it pretty well down... now I have two tanks going.. my baby tank is the tank that everyone comes home to so that I can keep a close eye on them... they stay there for a while til I know they are ok then they get to move to the "big tank" we call it where everyone has a little bit more room. oh and we can't forget bumble bee's tank.. he needs to be all by himself he doesnt like anyone else in there with him.......


That fish is so precious! I love it! fish avatar


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