Photo #4 - Our Large Pleco. - In The 100 Gallon: 2 Red-bell...

freshwater fish - glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - sailfin pleco (l-83) stocking in 100 gallons tank - our large Pleco.
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Photo Caption: our large Pleco.
freshwater fish - nandopsis octofasciatum - jack dempsey stocking in 100 gallons tank - Our beautiful Jack Dempsey. He is very photogenic!
fish tank picture - A pic of our Pacu when he was lil and living in the 40 gallon. Look hard, top left of the aquarium...Yep thats him! Oh and our turtles are in the top left also. They were so little. We got em' big and strong though and let them go back into the wild!
freshwater fish - heros serverus - green severum stocking in 100 gallons tank - Our pair of Green Severum Cichlids. I call em 'The Duo'!
freshwater fish - glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - sailfin pleco (l-83) stocking in 100 gallons tank - our large Pleco.
freshwater fish - nimbochromis venustus - venustus cichlid stocking in 100 gallons tank - Good pic of our large Peacock Cichlid
freshwater fish - heros serverus - green severum stocking in 100 gallons tank - Our large Pleco and 'The Duo' (pair of Green Severum Cichlids)
freshwater fish - pangio sp. - black kuhlii loach stocking in 100 gallons tank - Our Khouli Loach. He's cool!
100 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Our 40 Gallon breeder. This pic doesn't do it justice, it's really pretty.
freshwater fish - aulonocara baenschi - sunshine peacock stocking in 100 gallons tank - The Peacocks we hope will breed. I LOVE THIS PIC!
freshwater fish - maylandia callainos - blue cobalt cichlid stocking in 100 gallons tank - Our Blue Cobalt Cichlid. Check out the yellow spots on his fin!
fish tank picture - Our 13" Pacu up right, and our Peacock Cichlid lower left.
100 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Our 100 Gallon. I tried to leave it a little more open than most tanks containing cichlids because I want the Pacu to have lots of room to swim around. There are at least 3 good hiding areas for all of the other fish to be in...Not to mention the plants and such.

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State: Tennessee
Country: United States
Description: We actually have two aquariums, one is 100 gallons. It currently houses our awesome 13" (AND STILL GROWING) Pacu, a rescued Pacu that is 2", a 3" Jack Dempsey, two Plecos an 8" and a 4", a 6" Peacock Cichlid, a 3" Blue Cobalt Cichlid, a pair of 4" Green Severums, and a 2" Khouli Loach. We also have a 40 gallon breeder tank which currently houses two female Peacock Cichlids and one male. We hope they will breed. Our large Pacu is very passive and loves to be pet, while the Peacock Cichlid in the same community thinks the entire 100 gallons is simply ALL HIS!
Advice: I am actually fairly new to being an aquarium hobbyist, and truth be told if it wasn't for our Pacu I never would have gotten in this deep, but I sure am glad I have! I started out with a 10 gallon tank that housed 2 hatchling red-eared sliders. Once they got to about half dollar size we got our Jack Dempsey and the smallest of our Plecos. Then, while I was at Petco my eye caught sight of this cute lil thang they call a Red-Bellied Pacu. The lady told me he may be cute now but he'll "grow to be the size of a tire". Silly me didn't believe, but here I am less than a year later upgraded x 10 for him. (my new hobbyist advice: Do not take on a Pacu unless you are willing to buy its needs. I hear and see people constantly selling these or giving them away because they have 'outgrown' their owners aquariums. THEY GET HUGE and are GREAT fish, but they don't deserve to be handed off and stressed out because of our human mistakes. Think before you buy!!)
Fish Kept: In the 100 gallon: 2 Red-Bellied Pacu's 2 Pleco's 2 Green Severums 1 Jack Dempsey 1 Peacock Cichlid 1 Blue Cobalt Cichlid 1 Khouli Loach In the 40 gallon: 2 Female Peacock Cichlid's 1 Male Peacock Cichlid
Corals/Plants: We use plastic plants, as Pacu would eat the real ones!
Tank Size: 100 gallons
Quote: This too, shall pass. - GOD
About Yourself: I got into hobbying because of turtles. Once the turtles were big and strong, we released them but I wasn't through with fish. They are my relaxation! I enjoy them thoroughly and they always make me smile! I am currently waiting to hear back from the Memphis Fire Department to see if I will be in their October 2009 hiring class. I want to save people. I suppose until that time, I will continue saving fish!


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