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Photo Caption: My beta needs a name!
fish tank picture - Female dwarf blue brazos crayfish
fish tank picture - My beta needs a name!

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State: Connecticut
Country: United States
Description: This is an Aqueone minibow 3.5 gallon freshwater aquarium. It is currently housing 1 male beta fish and 2 male dwarf clawed frogs. I've added 6 marimo balls and 1 artificial silk plant ( will be repaced by live amazon swords shipping currently ), as well as several larger sea shells for hiding and a mason jar tipped just enough to create an air pocket for everyone to get to at the bottom very easily. There is a thin layer of colored gravel for their substrate currently. I change the air in the jar every week. I do 30-50 % water changes every week or so. There is also an air stone which i turn on twice a week for about an hour. They all eat frozen bloodworms and live blackworms every other day with hikari pellets in between. There are non toxic plastic C clips ( mainly used as bird toys ) floating in the gentle filter outflow that entertain my beta. He also gets a weighted ping pong ball tossed in every few days to play with. Love my little friends and hope you do too. Ps. My beta needs a name! Leave me some suggestins. He is extremely actice and love love loves his frog friends. Should i get him a snail or two to annoy as well? Enjoy xo
Advice: Never set up a tank and add fish the same day, unless you are adding in clean and already cycled water to it. Pre order a variery of medicatiins to treat a range of illnesses as to be prepared and able to start treatments right at the time of noticing any illness. Always heir on the side of under stocking and research each species before purchasing. Being well informed will prepare for any mishaps or issues you face. Try not to shop big stores, local small fish shops usually have much much healthier and happier pets. Give them the very best home you can!
Fish Kept: Betta - Male
Corals/Plants: 6 marimo moss balls. 1 artificial silk plant to be replaced with an amazon sword.
Tank Size: 4 gallons


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