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Photo Caption: franky my koi angel fish
10 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - my beautiful plant
freshwater fish - pterophyllum sp. - koi angel stocking in 10 gallons tank - franky my koi angel fish

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: current tank is a 10 gallon south east Asian biotype 2 asian glass cat fish cherry barbs harlequin rasboras, a rainbow fish, rubber lip pleco (temporarily)
Advice: research every thing
Fish Kept: two aquariums the first is a 35 gallon south american community tank with a 6" angel fish(FRANKY) 3 bronze corrys( whitey, brad and Jr.) three peppered corrys( big moma, tiny and stubs), two Otos (dirt and devil), bolivian ram (magenta) a florida darter ( riff raff) 5 serpa tetras and 4 rummy nosed tetra tank number 2 is a 10 gallon tetra half moon with a rainbow fish (Steve) a topline minnow (lex) 2 asian glass catfish (jay and grant) a rubber lipped pleco (kirby)5 cherry barbs and 3 harlequin rasboras
Corals/Plants: to many to list most experience with giant amazon swords
Tank Size: 10 gallons
Quote: if i speak with angelic eloquence but do not love. i am nothing but a creaking gate. the Bible Ephesians 5
About Yourself: my current occupation is student but not to long ago i was the owner of a pet supply company. it went under a year after opening. i've kept fish since i was 4 when i got my first beta for my birth day shockingly without a heater he lived till i was 8 years old and changed color twice. lol. i'm a stickler for research and by age 12 I was setting up my first 55 gallon discus tank. never did get into saltwater that much and am now a die hard freshwater keeper. although i have set up and/or maintained 25 saltwater aquariums. feel free to ask me any questions.


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