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State: California
Country: United States
Description: Glass 170 gallon 54x24x24 w/ 40 gal plexi refugium w/ built in wet dry filter. @200lbs of mixed #5, #3, & #1 graded coral sand 120lbs of live premium fiji rock and 75lbs of dead rock as base rock. I have a basic cascade canister filter rated at 700 gal per hour and the refugium hooked up @ around 500 gal per hour. 2x400wt Double Ended MH @20k bulbs, Aqua medic double moon light. Refugium has Coralife 2x65watt w/ 2 - 1 watt moon lights.
Advice: Read and go slow
Fish Kept: 3 Black Percula, 4 green chromis, 3 3-spot damsel, Pacific Blue Surgion, Sailfin Tang, Vlimingii unicornfish, Royal Gramma, Flame Cardinal, Black Sailfin blenny, Yellow headed gobie, Orange dartfish, 6-line wrasse, Emerald crabs, 2 arrow crabs, skunk cleaner shrimps, peppermint shrimp, hermit crabs, astrea snails, Refugium: Green wolf eel, Horshoe crab, Decorator crabs (spider, and short leg) Marine betta
Corals/Plants: Green Carpet anemone, Green Bubble tip aneamone, Rose aenemony Pearl coral , Bubble coral (Green and White), Frog spawn (branching), Green Montipora , scroll coral, Green Stag Acropora, White acropora, orange montipora, "superman" moat danae montipora. Blue polyp montipora White Sinularia, Ass. colors of polyps, Pink, green and purple people eaters, Yellow and green star pollyp, Leather coral, Giant cup mushroom, Daisy pollyp, Pinnaple coral, fox coral, galaxea coral, assorted ricordia, dicosoma, and rhodactus mushrooms, Refugium: feather, bubble/disc, red bubble caulerpa, Bladed sea grass other Assorted macro and micro algea
Tank Size: 170 gallons
Quote: Excellent!
About Yourself: I got into the hobby by a close friend. Basically he bought me my first fish. A betta, red, blue and black. After that i got into south american ciclids, Jack dempsey, oscar and others. soon graduated to brackish fish, needle nose gar, datnoid, puffers, scats, bichirs (not brackish, but adaptable)knife fish. Then i got a job at the local pet store. I learned the basics to salt water and gradually increased to a preportional size. Now i have a couple of years behind my belt in aquatics, Salt and fresh. But there is so much knowledge to be had and developed, i will never stop learning. I love to encourage and give advice to new reefers I have a small buisiness setting up and servicing reef tanks and love to problem solve.


one of the best iv seen so far . what is better a motor filter or a wet dry .sump i dont know how to hook one up so is it ok to just have a good motorfilter and a skimmer fish avatar


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