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54 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - No room!!!
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Photo Caption: No room!!!
54 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - No room!!!

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State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Description: 54 Gallon corner tank with DIY 10 gallon sump/fuge, 130w Coralife Lunar Light, 150w JBJ Viper clamp on MH, Odysea Blue LED night light, Tom's Aquatic's siphon overflow, 2x Koralia 1's, 2x Koralia 2's, 1x Koralia 3, Maxijet 600 w/ Sure Flow mod, over 60 lbs of live rock, sugar fine white sand soon to be mixed with black Caribsea sand; in the sump, chaeto, Walt Smith Fiji MudMag Drive 7 return pump, Coralife 220 Super Skimmer, no heater because it broke and was discharging into the water.
Advice: Do as much research as you can before you even start. Then anytime you do anything else (add live stock, upgrade equipment, etc...) research again. Lastly do lots and lot of research! Buy a test kit and test, test, test if you want to start getting into corals. Don't dose anything you can't test for(except maybe Reef Plus or Coral Accell, etc...). I only dose Randy's DIY Two Part Solution, Seachem Reef Plus, Kent Essential Elements, Seachem Reef Magnesium. I feed my fish mostly Fransisco Bay Brands frozen Marine Cuisine, plankton, mysis shrimp, and Spirulina brine shrimp. Also I feed them Tetra MicroCrabs cyclopese granules for color enhancement. I feed my SPS a mixture of Coral Frenzy and Kent ChromaPlex soaked in Seachem Reef Plus. I feed my LPS a mixture of ground up krill, ChromaPlex and Reef Plus. The fish eat about twice a day and the corals around once a week.
Fish Kept: Purple pseudochrimis, flame angel, ocelaris clown, and three blue/green chromis, various crabs and snails, blue leg hermits, turbos, astreas, ceriths, bumblebees, sally lightfoot, croal banded shrimp, green brittle star, serpent star, sea cucumber
Corals/Plants: purple tipped acropora, orange/green birdsnest, orange with green polyp sps (came with a crab that I bought from, various zoas, neon green finger leather, brown button polyps, brown and green montipora, condy anemone, aussie duncans, various mushrooms and richordea, green star polyps, crocea clam, frogs spawn, kenya tree, acan lords(making a come back after looking pretty bad for a while)
Tank Size: 54 gallons
About Yourself: I'm 28 and going through my second tour through college. I originally started at just wanting a saltwater tank and slowly started buying more and more demanding corals so now its a full blow mixed reef.


Very nice set up!!!!!! fish avatar


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