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State: Wisconsin
Country: United States
Description: this is a 55 gallon planted community tank. its being filtered by a eheim pro 3e filter thats rated to filter 435 gph. coralife quad cf lighting fixture thats putting out around 4.75 watts per gallon. .A 200 watt all glass aquarium heater. My other tank is a 15 gallon tall. just was converted to a saltwater awile ago. that ones being filtered by a aquaclear filter rated for up to 70 gallons which used to be on my 55 gallon but i upgraded. A 96 wave runner t5 ho fixter that puts out 6.5 watts per gallon. A cheaper heater and as a power head but I cant remeber what brand. has around 15 lbs of live rock
Advice: YOU MUST DO LOTS OF RESEARCH!!!! check compadibilities and requirements for everything you put in your tank. this isnt something that you can pull off being under educated.
Fish Kept: red tuquoise discus, yellow marlbro discus, blue diamond discus, ocean green discus, 2 fancy assorted discus, gaint danios, groumies, neon tetras, loaches, and a royal green pleco. in the salt water i have a six line wrasse, cinamin clown, yellow tail damsel maxima clam, small bulb anemine, coral banded shrimp, and a small sand shifting star.
Corals/Plants: in the 55 gallon queen marble, ornimental sword, umbrella plant, anubias,kyoto grass, java fern and others In the salt water I have 2 ricordea mushrooms, a bunch of bulls eye mushrooms, a large colony of dragon eye polyps,a tiny button polyp frag and starburst polyp frag.
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: if I hear anything more about fish im going to go crazy!!! my girl freind said that
About Yourself: im 19 and my uncle got me into this hobbie about a year ago. i started out with african chiclids and was successfully breeding them and then converted to a discus tank. just recently started a nano saltwater too now.


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