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Country: United Kingdom
Description: i have a juwel 240 fishtank wich has 2l oscar's a pleco and a small catfish .i think my juwel is 57 gallons im not too sure.i have one day light and one nature light, standard juwel filtration and heating.
Advice: plan out your setup thoroughly before moving fish into it and cycle before putting in any fish.
Fish Kept: 1 community tank with vaious fish, and quite a few of em :). also one tank specialy for crabs.
Corals/Plants: i have a small plant along with some rockery.
Tank Size: 57 gallons
Quote: you are only young once but you can be immature forever!
About Yourself: i got into this as my parents kept a freshwater aquarium with a fully grown oscar and wanted my own to keep.


i think they look great , i think oscars are some of the best lookig fish out there , i would have a few if i had a bigger tank fish avatar
actually I just rearnged the tank. I should get a new picture of the tank. I like your tank too! :D fish avatar
yo dude im sorry about what I said. I think my friend told you I said sorry but if he didn't thats what I am saying right now. btw nice tank! fish avatar
I have been saying nasty tings about your tank, sorry. I didn't even know that oscars were from the same family. Im in a bad mood and I do like your tank. Thanks for the comment and lets just be friends. I am friends with Mike037 and he says sorry to you. Let's just forget this even happened okay? P.S why are you so nice to people even if they something mean to you? NOthing is bad about it, but I think thats cool! fish avatar
Thanks, ive just got my juwel tank and am going to upload a picture but the file is too big so ive got to make it smaller some how... fish avatar
great pic of oscar fish avatar


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