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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Juwel Rio 180 (180L) 2.5WPG (4x 30W t8's) 3000K, 4000K & 2x 7500K juwel standard filter (as supplied) plus fluval 104 with spray bar dennerle pressurised CO2 with glass diffuser Substrate: 3mm gravel mixed with laterite Ferts: Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate & CSM=+B plus hagen root tabs under swords and tiger lotus lillys
Advice: for a planted tank setup i cant emphasise enough the use of laterite and CO2. one of the main reasons for failing with swords etc (heavy root feeders)is a lack of nutrients at the roots. laterite is reasonably affordable and will last years. on the co2 front, adding a basic yeast type co2 kit will improve any planted tank in one simple step. i will always use some kind of co2 in any planted tank regardless of lighting levels. and more importantly than anything weekly ewater changes (if adding dry ferts 50% to dilute the last weeks fertaliser leftovers)
Fish Kept: 28 cardinal tetras 2 sailfin gibbiceps (10cm and 6cm) 1 adult angel 1 platy (rehomed for a friend) 1 flying fox 3 sterbai corys 5/6 amano shrimp (not that i ever see them)
Corals/Plants: Amazon swords (bhleri), java fern, tiger lotus lillys, echinodorus "red flame", glosso, Echinodorus "rubin" var "Narrow", java moss, anubias nana and anubias nana petite.
Tank Size: 40 gallons
Quote: if it aint broke dont fix it!
About Yourself: i'm a 25 year old headhunter. got into the hobby by looging onto fishforums when i had a problem with my basic fish tank and never looked back. i dont own any fish/plant related books and have learnt everything from members of that planted tank forum. i actually have 3 planted tanks the 180, a juwel rekord 60 with a sandy layout and a 50G cube.


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