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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I have a 4 tanks but my favorite is my mixed peacock tank which is a 60 gallon acrylic S&S tank that I bought used for 50 bucks. It contains well over 80 pounds of lace rock and a few fake plants along with a few collected shells. Its is filtered by a Rena XP3 and a Penguin 400. I also have a 12 inch air stone buried under the rocks. Substrate is a mix of several pebble sizes (mostly river rock) and crushed coral. Lighting is from a 48 inch single tube stripe with a 20,000 K. Heat comes from a 200 watt aqueon heater.
Advice: keep fish that taste good...mmm
Fish Kept: Kenyi- Male, 8 Eureka Blue Peacocks one is Male, 1 Leleupi- unsure of sex, 1 Strawberry Cichlid-Female, 1 Loach, 1 Gold Giant Gourami, Plecostomus Seperate 35 Gallon Acrylic - 4 Orange Splotch Zebras 2-Male 2-Female Fry Tank 20 gallon glass - over 50 Eureka Blue Peacock Fry almost ready to move into there 40 gallon to grow.
Corals/Plants: Fake plants, Crushed Coral and a few random shells I have collected from different places.
Tank Size: 60 gallons
Quote: "dont you hate pants" - Homer Simpson
About Yourself: I am 24 and have been in the hobby since I was young.Though my hobby has exploded now as I have 4 tanks and my cichlids are now breeding constantly.


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