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Photo Caption: Diamond Watchman Goby
46 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Updated picture of my 46 gallon bow front tank. I've added new lighting, (6 T5's) with canopy, and a 1/13 HP Mighty Pro Chiller. I put in some new corals also! I added 1 Chilli Coral, Green Mushrooms, Electric Green Frogspawn, Radioactive Zoanthids, Cup Coral, Pagoda and a Derasa Clam.
saltwater fish - chrysiptera cyanea - blue damselfish stocking in 46 gallons tank - Electric Blue Damsel
saltwater fish - zebrasoma flavescens - yellow tang - hawaii stocking in 46 gallons tank - Yellow Tang
saltwater fish - valencienna puellaris - diamond watchman goby stocking in 46 gallons tank - Diamond Watchman Goby
corals inverts - tubastrea faulkneri - orange sun coral stocking in 46 gallons tank - Yellow Sun Coral
corals inverts - sabellastarte magnifica - magnificent feather duster stocking in 46 gallons tank - Black & White Feather Duster
corals inverts - trachyphyllia radiata - brain coral, wellsophyllia stocking in 46 gallons tank - Open Brain Coral
corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - eagle eye zoanthids stocking in 46 gallons tank - Eagle Eye Zoanthids
corals inverts - bispira sp. - dwarf colored feather duster stocking in 46 gallons tank - 2 Dwarf Colored Feather's.
corals inverts - heteractis crispa - sebae anemone stocking in 46 gallons tank - My white stripe maroon clown in his anemone.
corals inverts - sabellastarte sp. - feather duster stocking in 46 gallons tank - Purple and white feather duster.
corals inverts - calcinus laevimanus - dwarf zebra hermit crab stocking in 46 gallons tank - Hermit crab grazing in the sand.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 46 gallon bow front reef tank. 36.5"L x 16.38"W x 20.88" H. I'm running a Fluval 305 Canister filter system, a Prizim Pro Deluxe Skimmer, 6 GLO T5HO light system, 1Hydor 115-60hz pump, 2 Mini-Jet 606 pumps, 1/13 HP Mighty Pro Chiller, 50lbs of Live Sand, and about 60lbs of live rock.
Advice: Take your time, and ask a lot of questions! Water changes are key to a healthy tank.
Fish Kept: 1Coral Beauty Angelfish, 1 Yellow Tang, 1Maroon Clownfish, 1 Blue Damselfish, and 1 Diamond Watchman Goby. 1 Cleaner shrimp, 1 Fire shrimp, 1 Emerald green crab, lots of hermit crabs, 4 Turbo Snails, 5 Nassarius snails, and a bristle star.
Corals/Plants: Purple Colony Polyp, Yellow Colony Polyp, Green Starburst Polyp, Button Polyp, Red, Blue, and Green Striped Mushroom coral's, Colt Coral, Open Brain Coral, Brain Coral, Frogspawn Coral, Sun Coral, 5 Dwarf Colored Feather Duster's, and 1Reef Anemone.
Tank Size: 46 gallons
Quote: Make the best of what you have!
About Yourself: 4yrs of running a reef tank, and i never looked back!


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