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State: Nebraska
Country: United States
Description: This is a 10 Gallon tank with a 10 gallon Refugium and a 10 gallon sump. I am running Current USA CF lighting. Each fixture has 2 40 watt bulbs...one dual daylight and one dual actenic bulb. I run them on an alternating 12 hour cycle with dawn and dusk on the main tank. (The fuge is on at night and the main tank on during the day. I use coral life timers to run the lights and I prefer the manual ones to the digital just because they seem easier to use. I am pushing about 200 gallons per hour through the tank. Sound small but remember it is only about 22 gallons of water total in all three tanks. I have and Aqua C Urchin protein skimmer in the sump as well as a UV sterilizer. Don't ask what brand the sterilizer is because I don't know. I got it cheap at Petsmart. (Hey better then nothing!) I am running overflow boxes with aqualifter pumps on each of the top two tanks that drain to the sump. I am also running a AquaClear 20 hang on the back filter on the main tank. The media in that filter is just some Ceramic tiles I stole from my fluval on my fresh water tank and a sponge. I dose Kalkwasser and Kent's Essential Elements. Up and running just over a year.
Advice: My advice is to take it slow, don't over feed, do it right, invest some money in the set up, read a book or two, don't rely entirely on the internet for resources because there is a lot of incorrect info out there, and most importantly TAKE IT SLOW AND DON'T OVER FEED!
Fish Kept: Fish kept: Yellow Watchmen Goby paired with a Michael's Target Pistol Shrimp, Green Clown Goby, Purple Fire Fish, Tail Spot Blenny, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, Pom Pom Crab, Pink Emerald Crab, 2 margarita snails, 3 astrea snails, 1 turbo snail (off and on...replace when he dies and need another), 5 hermit crabs, Pink with Green center Tube Anemone
Corals/Plants: Corals: Blastumossa Welsii, Blastumossa Merleti, Pavona Maldivensis, Orange Eye Chalice, Green Trachophylia/Wellsophyllia, Red and Green Trachophyllia, Candy Cane Calaustria (Trumpet), Blue Anthelia, Green Spongodes, Blue/Purple Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, 2 or 3 different kinds of Zooanthids, Purple and Green Favia Brain, Metallic Green Star Polyps, Duncanopsammia (Duncan), Orange Carpet Lobophyllia, ....I think that's it
Tank Size: 10 gallons
About Yourself: I got into the hobby right out of college...Thought it would be fun to get a gold fish in a little 3 gallon aquarium and it just kind of exploded from there. I now have the nano reef, as well as two fresh water tanks and a couple of reptiles to go along with my cat. I work part time in the fish department of a local pet store and don't really consider it work. It's my hobby and I love seeing people get excited about fish and corals!


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