Photo #2 - 180 Reef. 1 Year Old. Mixed Hard And Soft Corals ...

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Photo Caption: 180 REEF. 1 Year Old. Mixed hard and Soft corals under a single T5 Tek Light fixture.
180 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 180 Reef with various Hard and Soft Corals. T5 lighting Only.
180 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 180 REEF. 1 Year Old. Mixed hard and Soft corals under a single T5 Tek Light fixture.

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State: South Carolina
Country: United States
Description: 180 G REEF. 1 Year old. 50 G Refugium. Teck Light T5's, ASM Skimmer, Tank is NOT Drilled...Old Fashioned Reef. 90% FIJI Rock Approximately 200#. ADHI Refugium with DSB and Macro Algae filtration. 5 Koralia Power heads and 1 Little Giant Closed Loop.
Advice: Take the time to read in depth Before you begin this hobby and find very good Teachers (Thanks to Richard, Greg, Kim, and Kevin) Special Thanks to Seachem. Enjoy the hobby on a day to day basis and treat your Aquarium as if it were a Machine that needs constant maintenance. Hard work and persistence are a must in this hobby. There are also NO Short Cuts or Quick Fixes in this hobby!
Fish Kept: Sailfin, Purple Tang X3, 5 Yellow Tangs, 1 Marroon Clown, 1 Christmas Wrasse, 1 Yellow Wrasse, Vlamingi Tang, Blue Jaw Trigger, 3 Soldier Bar's, Coral Beauty, Fox Face, Long Nose Butterfly, Virgate Rabbit Fish, Copperband Butterfly, Hawaiian Naso Tang, among many others...
Corals/Plants: Too Many to mention...heck I don't even know all the names.
Tank Size: 180 gallons
Quote: Be patient and let it Grow
About Yourself: Fun, Hard Working, Perfectionist, if its worth doing its worth doing better than normal.


nice fish avatar
muy bonito fish avatar
Thanks Ricky..Nice to meet you as well. Always nice to get positive feed back. fish avatar
Good to meet you today, as I said before great looking tank!!! Ricky fish avatar
Amazing looking tank! It's hard to believe that's only a year old! I know alot of people that would love to say that was theirs! fish avatar


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