Photo #1 - My 300 Gallon Reef Aquarium. See My Profile For M...

300 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - My 300 gallon reef aquarium. See my profile for more information.
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Photo Caption: My 300 gallon reef aquarium. See my profile for more information.
300 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - My 300 gallon reef aquarium. See my profile for more information.

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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: Lighting: Compact, HQI, Metal Halide, T5, Standard and Moon Lighting. Filtration: Wet/Dry, Refugium, Protein Skimmer, Phosphate Reactor, Nitrate Canister Filter, Carbon Canistrer Filter and Bio Wheel Trickle Filter.
Advice: Regardless of water quality and so forth, the biggest thing that affect coral is being over handled or moved around too much.
Fish Kept: California Horn Shark, Nurse Shark, Coral Cat Shark, Brownbanded Bamboo Shark, 2 Yellow Stingrays, Whitespot Moray Eel, Zebra Moray Eel, Snowflake Moray Eel, Finespeckled Moray Eel, Orangeshoulder Surgeonfish, Blueface Angelfish, Flame Angelfish, Harlequin Tuskfish, Maroon Clownfish, Pacific Blue Tang, Leaflip Grouper, Oyster Toadfish, Naso Tang and Wrasse.
Corals/Plants: Elegance, Cup, Daisy/Flowerpot, Hammer, Flexible Leather, Kenya Tree, Colt, Tree, Strawberry/Pink Cauliflower, Frogspawn, Star Polyp, Zoanthus Button Polyp, Palythoa Button Polyp, Elegant Moon Polyp, Ricordea Mushroom, Hairy Mushroom, Elephant Ear Mushroom, Bullseye Mushroom, Actinodiscus Mushroom, Lettuce/Cabbage, Spiny Cup/Lettuce, Candy Cane and Brain Coral.
Tank Size: 300 gallons
Quote: Life Isn't About Finding Yourself, It's About Creating Yourself
About Yourself: I have been into salt water all my life. Got sick over the years as a renter re setting up my tank over and over again. Finally bought a house 3 years ago and set up a 300 gallon reef tank. I am the owner of a small ad agancy.


Welcome to the wonderful world of salt water! Yes a 220 will be fine size heowver Picasso Triggers or triggers of any kind are not really reef safe fish. Many predatory fish are not. They are hanging around the reef for food. You are atleast taking the first steps in salt water. Taking time to learn and understand. I will recomend a good book, called the marine Keepers bible (Salt water bible). Everything you need to know is in this book. Be very careful what info you get from the internet since most will leave you more confused than on track. The best advice I will give you, you know three of the types of fish you want, 220 is large enough for a good many more. If you plan on having corals research each and every one. Check requirements like placement, lighting and water conditions. What can go with what. As well as your fish. you will have to pick your fish according to your eel size. I would sugges a smaller eel and larger fish to start.However I will warn you when you start up your tank, although eels are very hearty they should not be put into an immature tank. Salt water tanks are not like fresh water. A salt tank can take up to a year to fully mature. Having patience during the first 6 months is the key to a successful tank with few problems later. Doing the first few weeks correctly will decide this. It is impossiable to impart all the information I know about salt water tanks. I've had them for more years than I care to admit.Your Predatory fish will also eat pellet foods and frozen foods. Your eel will eat frozen squid or just about any frozen sea food. As far as taking care of your tank, as I mentioned, if you start out on the right food, you will nip problems in the **** before they happen. A master test kit is a must. Salt water isn't just about ammonia and nitrites. Again most of your water will depend on the occupents.Cleanings are usually every two weeks not weekly, depending on the look you are going for rear glass does not get scrapped. This is usually left for other growth. Feel free to email me I'll send you photos of my tank.I have a 250 reef tank. (Wanting to get a 500) fish avatar
holy shit nice fish!! fish avatar


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