Photo #4 - My Tire Track Eel Saying Hello.

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Photo Caption: My Tire Track eel saying hello.
90 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Here's a close up of the tank.
freshwater fish - panaque nigrolineatus - gold royal pleco (l-027) stocking in 90 gallons tank - My Royal Pleco getting some dinner.
freshwater fish - heros severus x amphilophus citrinellum - blood parrot stocking in 90 gallons tank - My Parrot. He's been with me for awhile.
freshwater fish - mastacembelus armatus - tire track eel stocking in 90 gallons tank - My Tire Track eel saying hello.
freshwater fish - cyphotilapia frontosa - frontosa cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - My Frontosa...he's pretty much all day.
freshwater fish - uara amphiacanthoides - uaru cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - My Uaru slicked back and ready to roll
freshwater fish - sciaenochromis fryeri - electric blue hap stocking in 90 gallons tank - Good picture of my Blue Ahli
90 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Where to begin is the question. Been working on this tank for a few years and finally turned it into a showcase tank. The Blue Ahli is one-of-a-kind...My large Uaru, Chuck, is all day. There's a good sized Frontosa in there who is best friends with a Parrot Fish...Go figure. My Yellow Labidochromis is still pretty young, but he can hold his own. I've got a school (5) of Emerald Rainbows and a school (3) of Red Hook Silver Dollars. Hidden under the rock is a 14'' Tire track eel. Doesn't come out much...and I've never seen him eat. (had him for 6 months) The two guys on top are my Asian Needle Nose Gar and my Red Pink Tailed Chalseus. I've also got a Royal Pleco. You gotta love his red eyes.

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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: Let's see. It's a 90 gal. tank. Pine stand and top. two 36" lighting fixtures with power-glo bulbs. Emperor filter. Two aqua clear power heads ( one for current & air and one for my coral life UV light filter.) Pretty simple setup...but it works well.
Advice: Fish tanks are awesome. Doesn't matter if you do fresh or's all fun. NEVER THINK IT'S EASY! To keep your tank looking it's best it takes a lot of work. So with that in mind...have fun.
Fish Kept: 1 Uaru 1 Yellow Labidochromis 1 Tire track eel 1 Parrot Fish 1 Frontosa 1 Red Pink Tail Chalseus 1 Asian Needle Nose Gar 3 Red Hook Silver Dollars 5 Emerald Rainbows 1 Royal Pleco
Corals/Plants: No live plants.
Tank Size: 90 gallons
Quote: Always do...Never don't
About Yourself: What's up? I'm Pat. I started out with a simple 20 gal. setup. Had it for about a month before I bought my next tank. I've done salt tanks and fresh. Most friends call me the fish doctor. What can I say? Tanks are a lot of fun. I think every house should have at least one tank. hahaha.


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