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Country: Canada
Description: I have now upgraded from a 20 gallon to a 55 gallon fish tank. The tank has oak trim with a beautiful stand. Everyone is happy and everyone gets along great extraordinary well. I have bought a background and just recently bought new Gravel. I will upload a picture of it now, since I am happy with the way it looks :)
Advice: Don't buy a pleco and a giant snail that will be living together in anything under 35 gallons at least. Yo Yo Loaches can be some what aggressive some times even though their listed as nice community fish. I had a yo Yo that went after every fish I had (except the snail and the pleco) Do not put weight on your tank when pouring a bucket of water into your tank. When getting amphibians make sure the tank is escape free, they love escaping and can do it very well!!! Do not feed your fish old blood worms, that is a big mistake, it can make your fish very sick. Hair algae spreads quickly, if it gets on your bog wood, boil the bug wood, it will get rid of it.
Fish Kept: Sailfin Spotted Pleco ( I think) He was under the wrong name when I bought him. (Marvin) A Giant Snail. (Smalls)--R.I.P A Peppered Cory. (Heinz) 6 other Cory's Talking cat fish (Rex) Two New Additons Rough Skinned Newt (Black) Angus Rough Skinned Newt - Eisenheim 1 More Addition Gold Gourami (Jude)
Corals/Plants: 3 have a big piece of bogwood 4 amazing plants A little town structure thing House wind mill air stone
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: Fish look better in a tank then on your plate!!!
About Yourself: Well I started off owning bettas. I owned many until I bought a 30 gallon tank for my birthday. My fish keeping skills were horrible then. A lot of my fish died. Two fish still are around. Marvin the pleco and Heinz the cory. I went to owning a 30 gallon, to 10 gallon to 20 gallon to 55 gallon. My two newts that I bought kept fighting each other so I bought an extra 10 gallon tank so Angus the less active newt gets his own tank. He is very friendly and follows your finger across the tank and loves attention. Most my fish are not shy and love to come up to the front of the tank for attention or beg for food. Fish is the best hobby ever :) I wouldn't choose anything different.


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