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State: California
Country: United States
Description: custom acrylic 95 gallon sphere freshwater aquarium.100% custom built from the ground up took me about a year and a half to build it and get all the acrylic custom cut to how i wanted it. im 19 and this is a project i did completly on my own and i take very much pride in it and what i do . 48x48x12. eheim pro 2 thermo and subcurrent internal filters. 300 watt rena smartheater. tom aquatics steller s-30 airpump and hyder seltz L40 powerhead. the yellow coral you see in there is from the underwater ride in disneyland california.
Advice: im pretty young so im taking advice not giving it.
Fish Kept: community fish now but im going to upgrade soon, please let me know any suggestions or ideas you have that you think would look good in this tank.
Corals/Plants: just rocks, dead coral and 125 pounds of black gravel.
Tank Size: 95 gallons
About Yourself: my name is stan im from california aquariums are my hobby and im 19 years old and learning about them still. i have a 60 gallon freshwater tank in my room with a redtail catfish and other breeds of catfish by my projects tank is my 95 gallon custom sphere aquarium in my living room. it took a lot of hard work and time to put together and im still working on it. i like to learn anything about aquariums somebody has to teach me or tell me about so please dont hesitate to offer suggestions and you might see them as soon as i have the time to make it happen. i have videos of both my tanks on youtube. my name on there is californiastan.


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