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Country: Canada
Description: 40 Gallon Perfecto (Breeder) 36"x18"x16" which is really about 45. Coralife T5 Series 36" 2x21watt (2 Units) so 84watt total. Rena XP3 recieving from a custom overflow/surface skimmer/refugium. 70lb base rock, 15lb live rock. Crushed Coral .5"-1"max sandbed
Advice: Stop spreading money around on several tanks. Stick to 1 display + a smaller tank to fool around and experiment. Buy good equipment at first and get rocks and AQUASCAPE it in the way you like the first time. Do it right. Once it has been aquascaped (one of those nice aquascapes you never want to tear down), add your corals accordingly. Do not adjust the aquascape to FIT your corals. By aquascaping first, you allocate the space available for certain corals. You give yourself restrictions and these restrictions (with careful planning) will lead to a nicely designed tank. If you ever want to aquascape... just go out and buy a coral.. its better for you!
Fish Kept: 2 paired Ocellaris, Sixline Wrasse, Cleaner Shrimp, Arrow Crab.
Corals/Plants: Coral Polyp: Beige Eyes Coral Polyp: Brown, Orange Mouth Coral Polyp: Green Button Polyp Coral Polyp: Green Green Mouth Coral Polyp: Green Star Polyp Coral Polyp: Orange Orange Mouth Coral Polyp: Orange, Neon Green Mouth Coral Polyp: Purple & Green Polyp Coral Polyp: Xenia Coral Polyp: Yellow Polyp Gorgonian: Purple Whip Leather: Devil Hand Leather: Sinulaira Leather: Yellow Finger LPS: Branching Meat Coral LPS: Bubble Coral LPS: Candy Cane 36 LPS: Frogspawn LPS: Galaxea LPS: Hammer Coral Mushroom: Green Stripe Mushroom: Gwen Blue Mushroom: Purple Mushroom (True purple) Ricordea: Blue Purple Ricordea: Faint Green & blue Ricordea: Gold Blue Ricordea: Orange Purple Green SPS: Assorted CPR 7 SPS: Digitana & Cap SPS: Humilis SPS: Orange Digitana Montipora SPS: Purple Tri Color SPS: Staghorn Brown SPS: Yellow Acropora Yes.... I keep a list... yes I do :-)
Tank Size: 45 gallons
Quote: Do it, do it right, do it right the first time.
About Yourself: FWater Fish keeping for 9 years. Jumped into reef and been at it for 1 year. Student in university. Struggle struggle!


beautiful Tank Hope my 125 looks like this fish avatar


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