Photo #1 - 29 Gallon Mixed Reef Tank. Tank Is 3mths Old

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Photo Caption: 29 gallon mixed reef tank. tank is 3mths old
29 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 29 gallon mixed reef tank. tank is 3mths old
fish tank picture - 29gallon top right
fish tank picture - 29gallon 3mths old left side

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 29 gallon mixed reef tank. 305 total watts (halide and pc combined)_
Advice: patience
Fish Kept: bi color parrot sailfin tang 2 maroon clowns 1 clarki 1 yellow tang 2 mandarin gobies 1 black and yellow damsel 1 blue allen damsel 2 fire fish 3 cleaner shrimp 1 coral banded shrimp pink and blue goby engineer goby
Corals/Plants: various acropras and montiporas various acans various ricordeas various polyp and zoanthids 2 clams pagoda cup pink chalice yellow tubinaria xenia candy cane 4 feather dusters small in tank refugium 2 blastomussa's yellow gorgonia purple gorgornia assorted brainsorange sun coral
Tank Size: 29 gallons


I would recommend gtietng really hardy fish to start off the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium. I don't really know what to tell you when it comes to corals and all but I know a ton about the fish. The fish can get really expensive so look forward to that. But when you add the first fish, you should add some damsels or chromis because they are really hardy but keep in mind that damsels are really aggressive towards their own species, so get at least 3 or 4. They are cheap too. And any type of clownfish are hardy, but you need to either get one or a lot because they are very aggressive towards their own species too. So buy a pair or just one because it will be hard to add one later on if you just get one. And also I wouldn't recommend mixing species either. Keep in mind if you ever want any angel fish, make sure your tank is established because they are very delicate and can get stressed and die very easily. You should do some research or ask your local aquarium questions about fish. One last thing, if you are ever going to get any Tangs like Dory or whatever. They can get territorial and watch the shape of the body. If Tangs have the same body shape, they will fight, but different body types won't so look out for that but you may get lucky, you never know. I hope this helped and good luck! Was this answer helpful? fish avatar


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