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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: 150 Gallon Aquarium (72” L x 24” H x 18 W”). It sit upon a Black Granite Base. The Tanks has two cornet canisters that are a part of the filtration system that hides everything, so there are no pipes or cords hanging off of the back of the Aquarium. It has a 72 inch Oddesea, free standing, light bar with 7 colling fans, 4 Daylights, 4 Evening Lights and 7 Nightlights built in. Under the tank is the sump pump, bio wheel and 4 drawer massive flow filtration system. The whole set up was previously used for Salt Water, so it is almost overkill for a freshwater tank. However, the set up does so much of the work, it leaves very little for me to do but just enjoy the tranquilty that it brings to my living room.
Advice: Do your homework, learn as much as you can, then, put that knowledge into practice. Also, larger tanks are, in many ways, easier. The filtration is key, so get the biggest, most powerful system your tank can handle. Really understand water quality it will make all the difference!
Fish Kept: Community Tank 50+ Total Fish... (1) Red Empress, (6) Peacock Cichlids (2 Hansbaenschi, 1 Steveni, 1 Stuartgranti , 1Stuargranti 1 Jacobreibergi , (1) Fontosa, (1) Demasoni, (1) Texas Cichlid, (2) Firemouth Cichlids, (1) Discus Cichlid, (2) Parrot Cichlids, (1) Nyererei ,(1) Caeruleus Cichlid, (1) Pyrsonotos (4) Convict Cichlids), (1) Ornatus Cichlid (5) Misc. African Cichlids, (1) Golden Ram, (1) Tinfoil Bard, (2) Silver Dollars, (2) Headstanders, (1) Figure Eight Puffer, (1) Rainbow Shark, (1) Gold Garammi, (1) Angel Fish, (2) Placostiumus (1) Upside Down Catfish, (1) Speckled Catfish, (1) Fancy Fin Catfish, (3) Electric Blue Crayfish, and a handful of other fish that are hiding so I can’t name them right now…lol.
Corals/Plants: A variety of mostly synthetic plants.
Tank Size: 150 gallons
Quote: "Bigger is Better! (and much easier)"
About Yourself: I’ve kept fish for about 20 years. Like most people, I started with a small 20 gallon tank. Then I upgraded to a 55 Gallon. Then I upgraded again to two 55 gallon corner tanks. A couple of years ago I bought my current 150 Gallon Tank. I love fish! If you are on this site, I bet you can relate! I love an aquarium that is unique. So, rather than the “Cookie Cutter” decorations available at the local pet store. So, it brought out my creativity with my functional DIY Tank that has tons of the hiding places that Cichlids love!


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