Photo #4 - Three Of My Julii Corydoras. Busy Little Guys, T...

freshwater fish - corydoras sp. - false julii cory cat stocking in 10 gallons tank - Three of my Julii Corydoras. Busy little guys, tough to catch 3 of them being still!
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Photo Caption: Three of my Julii Corydoras. Busy little guys, tough to catch 3 of them being still!
10 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - This is my 55 gallon tank with live plants. It has been up since March with plants being added slowly since then. For decor I used driftwood and large black rocks. Filtration is an Aqueon 55 HOB and an extra Penguin 150 HOB. I keep the temp at 78 degrees. The lighting is Coralife CF at 5wpg on 6 hours per day. I use pressurized CO2. For livestock I have 1 angelfish, 3 pearl gourami, 7 tiger barbs (no, they don't bother anyone), a large school of neon tetras, 4 emerald green corycats, 2 yo-yo loaches, 7 amano shrimp, 7 otocinclus. Be gentle, I'm new at this!
corals inverts - neocaridina denticulata sinensis - red cherry shrimp stocking in 10 gallons tank - A Red Cherry Shrimp -- up close.
freshwater fish - microgeophagus altispinosa - bolivian ram stocking in 10 gallons tank - One of my Bolivian Rams, being still for a fraction of a second...
freshwater fish - corydoras sp. - false julii cory cat stocking in 10 gallons tank - Three of my Julii Corydoras. Busy little guys, tough to catch 3 of them being still!
freshwater fish - betta splendens - crown tail betta stocking in 10 gallons tank - This is Finley, my beautiful 2.5" Crowntail Male Betta. He's very friendly and active. Little guy is always swimming and showing off. Update: He unexpectedly died about 2 months after this picture was taken, looks like it might have been a tumor. He was great, and this pic reached #2 overall. He's famous. :)
freshwater fish - betta splendens - betta - male stocking in 10 gallons tank - Meet Finley, my beautiful male Crowntail Betta in his 6.6 gallon, densely planted tank with driftwood. Update: Unfortunately he died suddenly, see his description up top.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I have 6 tanks, ranging from 7.5g to 80g, see below. All of my tanks are glass, except for one acrylic SeaClear tank. I use only *fishless* cycling methods and I can cycle a 20 gallon tank in about 10 days without fish. I prefer to use Eco-Complete substrate in my planted tanks, and in my non-planted tanks in case I should choose to plant them one day. My planted tanks use T5 lighting, 3-5 wpg, non-planted tanks use standard flourescent lights. I use only HOB filters, my preference being Marineland's Penguin filters, although I do use some others. I change my water weekly in most of my tanks, about every 10 days in my oldest tanks. I use a Python and it is done zippety fast! My water is very hard with a pH around 8.0. My parameters usually read Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10-20 in all my tanks.
Advice: Start slowly, buy the biggest tank you can properly support (weight/dimension wise) in your home, thoroughly research the fish's wants/needs before you buy them, and consider fishless cycling as a humane option. Don't keep bettas in bowls and do keep schooling fish in *schools*.
Fish Kept: 7.5 Gallon Cube Planted 3 Female Bettas 80 Gallon Long Established March 2009. 3 Pearl Gourami, 1 Angelfish, large school of Neon Tetras, 6 Tiger Barbs, 4 Emerald Green Corydora, several Otocinclus, 1 Yo-Yo Loache. 29 Gallon SeaClear Tank 6 Blue Tetras, 4 Badis Badis, and 3 Bolivian Rams (Larry, Mo, and Curly). 20 Long Planted 2 Dwarf Chain Loaches, 3 Corydoras Pygmaeus, 3 Otocinclus, 1 Red Shrimp, 3 Amano Shrimp, 6 Black Neon Tetras, 5 Sparkling Gourami, a few Microrasboras. 10 Gallon Planted Red Cherry Shrimp Tank 10 Gallon Planted 1 White Crayfish (Snowball) 4 Zebra Danios
Tank Size: 10 gallons
Quote: If it can't be solved by talking to a fish, it can't be solved.
About Yourself: I live in Southern California and am a psychotherapist. My interests include golf, poker, my 2 dogs and 2 cats, and now my fish. I don't remember why I got my first Betta about 4 years ago, but that got me hooked on having at least one Betta nearby. In recently learning that keeping Bettas in vases is actually cruel, I was exposed to the fish/aquarium hobby, fell in love with it, and got a real tank. Now I can't keep my arm out of it or my eyes off it.


Great pic! I love those little guys! fish avatar


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