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State: Alabama
Country: United States
Description: Two Tanks Main is a Aqueon 36G Tall Bow Front, fluorescent standard lighting. Filtration Aqueon 30 Quiet flow, Aquaclear 50, and Airstone, 2nd tank Aqueon 10g standard incandescent lighting aqueon quietlfow 10 , standard setup nothing special!d
Advice: Be patient when setting up your tank with fish keeping is all about patience.. Do your RESEARCH and learn as much as possible about nitrogen cycle, Aquarium Care and the Fish you want to keep before ever making a purchace then set your system up accordingly! When it comes to aquarium size Bigger is Better.. Even though it may seem crazy to go with the biggest aquarium you are comfortable with and your space can handle.. especially if you intend to keep fish other than just platy and guppies.. Trust me this will save you money and heart ache in the long run. Change your Water as frequently as possible and always keep an eye on your water prameters this is the key to a healthy aquarium.. Finally i would have to say never listen to the people at pet stores for the most part do your research before hand!.. Now what your buying and what will work best for your aquarium..
Fish Kept: In my 36 gallon 1-Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, 1Gold superveil Angelfish, 1 Marble Angelfish, 4 neon tetras, 2 Gold Doubloon lyretail molly, and 1 angelicus botia (polka-dot Loach) In my 10 gallon i have 4 platy fish (1 Mickey mouse platy, 2 wag platy, and 1 high fin platy) 1 Amano Shrimp, 1 Ghost Shrimp, and 1 Nerite Snail
Corals/Plants: None all Fake Plants for now! I would like to have a planted down the road once i get a little experience
Tank Size: 36 gallons
About Yourself: Started fish keeping about 6 months ago and got into it on a whim b/c my wife liked a couple of fish at the LFS.. and have been addicted ever since.. I have been an RN for 3 yrs and currently a Full time student Working on my Masters in Nurse Anesthesia! Would love to one day have a 300+ Saltwater Aquarium.. Down the road of course when i'm not living on student loans! Thanks for taking the time to view my profile enjoy my tank!


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