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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Juwel Rio 125 aquarium. Standard built in filter containing extra ceramic media and carbon pads. 2 x Juwel T5 colour enhancing light tubes and 2 x full length LED light tubes. Plus 1 x smaller moonlight effect tube for the evening.
Advice: Think of keeping WATER instead of fish. If the water is good, the fish will be good.
Fish Kept: 36 x Black Neons 2 x Scalare angels 2 x Gold angels 1 x Trilineatus cory 5 x Assasin snails
Corals/Plants: Currently. Black gravel. White rock and bleached corals. Marine look
Tank Size: 33 gallons
About Yourself: Like most, I expect, I started off with a funfair prize goldfish and wild caught Sticklebacks. I have now been keeping fish for about 35 years, moving on from the goldfish to a freshwater community tank in my bedroom as a young teenager. This community tank eventually developed into a 4 foot Oscar and Black shark tank which moved with me into my first house. (The tank was 4 foot, NOT the Oscar). I sold the tank and fish when I moved again, soon setting up a 3 foot brackish tank. This contained half a dozen Monos. 2 Silver cat sharks, an Archer fish and a small Scat. In the mid 1990s the brackish tank naturally developed into a marine hobby. I kept a variety of hardy marine fish. Yellow tang, Regal tang, Lion fish, Clown fish, Various Damsels over the course of about seven years. Most successfully a wimple fish which I had for about 5 years. And a few less hardy ones, which did not last very long. Expensive lessons learned. After moving house in 2003 I took a reluctant enforced break.then set up a small, low cost, freshwater, easy maintenance Malawi cichlid tank. I think they have a similar Wow factor colouration as marines , but are much less hassle to keep. Fancying a change last year I decided to go the "beginner fish done properly" route and have a (almost) species tank for Angels and loads of freshwater neons.


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