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46 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - My tank and all the corals.
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Photo Caption: My tank and all the corals.
46 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - My tank and all the corals.

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State: Idaho
Country: United States
Description: This tank has 2 percula clownfish, elephant ear coral, 3 anemones, candycane coral and many others. There is one that grew and it is supposed to be rare.This tank is a Bowfront, it has a Canister filter,a all flow freedom filter, and VERY expensive lighting. I would suggest for a beginner to just start with a basic reef with very hardy coral and fish so that you can get the process of water changes and getting the salt level,ph, and calcium right. Because when you get into harder corals to keep alive you have to give special attention to that certain coral.
Advice: Start with a basic reef that doesnt have very sensitive coral. Same with the fish you put in with the tank. Also you need to STUDY the hobby of marine aquariums. They need ALOT of attention. GOOD LUCK!!!
Fish Kept: I currently have 2 percula clowns. Will be getting Copper-banded butterfly, Blue hippo, and a Yellow Tang.
Corals/Plants: 3 anemones, Candy cane coral, 3 bubble corals, and many others.
Tank Size: 46 gallons
Quote: You learn something new Every Day
About Yourself: I have always loved saltwater fish tanks. So I thought I want one of my own. I researched alot and just studied untill I knew enough to learn how to keep a very well kept aquarium. I always learn new things about my hobby


well done sir. what I like most is you can tell this reef is aged. pristine reefs don't look as good to me, I want to see some crusting, calcification and pinks mixed throughout to tell me the corals are plating and growing, not just sitting there and I can see that detail in your tank. B fish avatar


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