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Photo Caption: 2 dwarf neon rainbows and 1of4 (like 7 of 9 ) the clown loach.
35 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - not much in the way of ground cover plants as yet and i am still undecided as i have got clown loaches and they spend all day rummaging around in the gravel , I am going to try some pygmy chain sword although i quite like the way the tank looks now
35 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - tank contains red hygro, water stargrass ,java fern ,barclaya longifolia ,amazon sword ,dwarf anubias ,green myriophyllum,red tiger lotus
35 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - taken at night with marine actinic to create moonlight effect
freshwater fish - botia macracantha - clown loach stocking in 35 gallons tank - 2 dwarf neon rainbows and 1of4 (like 7 of 9 ) the clown loach.
freshwater fish - colisa lalia - neon blue dwarf gourami stocking in 35 gallons tank - one of a pair of dawrf gouramis , this is tweedle dee examining his own reflection
freshwater fish - phenacogrammus interruptus - congo tetra stocking in 35 gallons tank - my 2 congo tetras were very shy to start with and refused to stay still for a photo , I think im going to have to get a ZPM for my camera as batteries for my digital keep running out really quickly especially if you have to wait for the fish to stay still long enough to photo
freshwater fish - assorted veil angel - pterophyllum scalare stocking in 35 gallons tank - one half of a mating pair blondie and carlsberg . blondie is the female angel and she and carlsberg go through their leaf cleaning routine prior to spawining every few weeks.

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: tank is 48" x 12"x12" lighting flourescent tubes :arcadia original tropical and freshwater tropical 42" tubes at 38 watts using homemade foil reflectors to increase light output. C02 injection : home made yeast reactor consisting of a 2l plastic bottle which I change weekly ; 2 mugs of sugar and one sachet (6-7g) dried yeast to produce c02 substrate: 50% eco complete and 50% regular aquarium gravel . fertilisation with tetra plantamin at every water change(weekly) filtration: old fluval 4 canister filter with co2 fed into the intake
Advice: if your growing plants get lots of fast growing plants in and get some shrimp and algae eating fish such as otocinclus i only kept my lights on for 8 hours till tank was established this should help to keep algae at bay co2 injection also gets rid of some types of algae . dont be put off at the first set back I have had a few of them and will probably have some more in the future. go online check out the forums , join a club read books all this will help you through some of the setbacks and hopefully stop you making them in the first place PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
Fish Kept: 4 clown loaches , 2 marbled hatchet fish 2 silver hatchet fish , 1 male siamese fighter 2 females, 2 congo tetras, 3 dwarf neon rainbow fish, 4 guppies (assorted) , 8 amano shrimp ,1 kuhli loach and 2 hyper active golden rosie barbs(they are mental )
Corals/Plants: barclaya longifolia , anubias nana , anubias barterii, amazon sword , bacopa , green millfoil , wheat plant, red tiger lotus (leaves are still small only about 2" early days yet) and water stargrass .
Tank Size: 35 gallons
Quote: 1" heres to swimming with bow legged women " and " were going to need a bigger boat " both from jaws of course


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