Photo #11 - Snuck Up On A Panda Cat - 12-neon Tetras; 4-glo ...

fish tank picture - snuck up on a panda cat
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Photo Caption: snuck up on a panda cat
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - oranda goldfish stocking in 55 gallons tank - I have almost "40" tropical fish in my tank, but is my dude introducing.... "BULLWINKLE" one of the coolest LionHeads I got. plus he cleans up as much as he messes up!
freshwater fish - kryptopterus bicirrhis - ghost glass cat stocking in 55 gallons tank - Glass Cats AKA (kryptopterus bicirrhis & k. minor)
fish tank picture - the deconstruction of Fish Land 1, and when i say seperating different color gravel sucks belive-u-me!!! maybe thats where the idea of using the window screen and sand came from. live and learn
fish tank picture - a not so good pic of how the 55 used to look; white gravel,skimmer setup and all of the plants I own.
fish tank picture - In my experience, when dealing with SAND slow and steady is the way to go. so slow in fact, I left the water at this height for about 30 minutes to let the sand settle. and that was after i rinsed and skimmed it in a bucket over and over and over again.
fish tank picture - Light's off, thanks to my girl for the nice camera, it takes goooood pics.
fish tank picture - Light's on
fish tank picture - more of the build,deciding driftwood and gravel placement,also note the use of the window screen mesh...i figured i'll give it a shot.
fish tank picture - Yep!...all the crap! and the 2-10gallons underneath the 55. the stand is real basic but it affords me MORE space, unlike the wood or furniture style.
fish tank picture - one of the final steps before adding (home depot playground) sand.water and construction time of important thing i tried was using window screen under both gravel islands which helps if i want to pick up all of the gravel at once to do a scene change ...if you look close it can be seen under the river rock. plus it keeps the gravel in its place...more pics on the way!!!
fish tank picture - snuck up on a panda cat
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Welcome to FISH LAND
fish tank picture - picture of island surrounded by sand. i will upload the build pics as soon as i edit them .

More Info

State: New York
Country: United States
Description: 55 gal long seascaped freshwatertank. consist of 1-48" 40 watt light; 1-aquaclear 110, 1-aquaclear 30 power filter (for now)...1-300 watt aquaclear heater,1-whisper 60 bubbler,in-tank thermometer,seachem in-tank ammonia backround as of yet.
Fish Kept: 12-Neon tetras; 4-glo light tetras; 3-Danios; 2-swordtails mollies; 3-dalmation platys; 2-Bloodfin Tetras; 3-Rambosa tetras; 6-panda catfish(cory)2-glasscatfish (Skeletons); 4-Redeye tetras; 2-santation workers (1fantail & 1-lionhead gold fish)....One happy community!
Corals/Plants: 3-Banana plants (only 1 is in tank at the moment) and 2 large swords 4 various pieces of drift wood, 30lbs. of river rock, 50lbs. of walnut colored gravel
Tank Size: 55 gallons
About Yourself: Got into hobby by buying a used fishtank and stand for $50...sweet... and using my imagination with help of my Fience!.


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