Photo #1 - Front View Of My 55g Lit By 30 Gu10 Leds

55 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - front view of my 55g lit by 30 gu10 leds
Submitted By: Chris Murphy on
Photo Caption: front view of my 55g lit by 30 gu10 leds
55 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - front view of my 55g lit by 30 gu10 leds

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State: New Hampshire
Country: United States
Description: if you want to see a picture of every individual thing in my tank visit www(dot)nhfragswap(dot)com/forum/index(Dot)php?topic=108(dot)0
Advice: take it slow
Fish Kept: Bangii Cardinal- Pterapogon kauderni Hippo Tang- Paracanthurus hepatus Yellow Tang-Zebrasoma flavescens Pair of Percs- Amphiprion percula Royal Gramma- Gramma loreto Sixline Wrasse- Pseudocheilinus hexataenia Tail Spot Blenny- Ecsenius stigmatura
Corals/Plants: SPS: Hawkins Acropora- Acropora echinata Larry Jackson Acro- Acropora valida Green Mili- Acropora millepora Blue Mili- Acropora millepora Chili Cap- Montipora capricornis Green Cap- Montipora caprocornis Orange Cap- Montipora capricornis Purple Rim Cap- Montipora capricornis Flower Petal Cap: Montipora capricornis Green Digi- Montipora digitata Blue Danae- Montipora danae Jason Fox Setosa- Montipora setosa Reverse Sunset monti- Montipora spongoedes ORA Green Birdsnest- Seriatopora caliendrum Pink Birdsnest- Seriatopora stellata Cauliflower Coral- Pocillopora damicornis Cauliflower Coral- Pocillopora verrucosa Orange Psammacora- Psammocora superficialis Superman Digi- Montipora digitata Neon Green Acro- Acropora aculeus Elkhorn Monit- Montipora hirsuta LPS: Orange Acan Lord- Acanthastrea lordhowensis Blasto- Blastomussa merletti Blue Candy Cane Coral- Caulastrea furcata Kryptonite Candy Cane Coral- Caulastrea furcata Meteor Shower- Cyphastrea ocellina Branching Meteor Shower- Cyphastrea decadia Green Duncan Coral- Duncanopsammia_axifuga Blue Chalice Coral- Echinophyllia aspera Green Hammer Coral- Euphyllia ancora Green Frogspawn Coral- Euphyllia divisa Green Torch Coral- Euphyllia glabrescens Grapes of Wrath Favia- Favia sp Green Horn Coral- Hydnophora rigida Hell Fire Crater Coral- Leptastrea purpurea Green Meat Coral- Micromussa amakusensis Cactus Coral- Pavona catus Orange Leaf Coral- Pavona maldivensis Maze Brain Coral- Platygyra acuta Blood Red Challice- Echinophyllia aspera Green Acan Lord- Acanthastrea lordhowensis Softies: Encrusting Gorgonian- Erythropodium caribaeorum Green Tree Leather- Nephthea spp Pom Pom Xenia- Xenia umbellata Gorgonian/Sea Fan- Muricea elongata Green Toadstool Leather- Sarcophyton ehrenbergi Cabbage Leather- Sinularia dura Blue Coral- Heliopora coerulea Zoanthids/Polyps/Mushrooms Hairy Mushrooms- Rhodactis indosinensis Armor of God Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp Blue Hornet Zoanthids- Zanthus spp Blue Palys- Palythoa spp. Neon Clove Polyps- Clavularia spp. Misc Mushroom- Discosoma spp. Eagle Eye Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp. Fire and Ice Zoanthids- Zoanthus app. Gold Dust Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp. Green Rhodactis- Rhodactis spp. Lord of the Rings Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp Magic Mushrooms- Discosoma spp Nuclear Eclipse Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp Neon Musroom- Rhodactis spp Green Star Polyp- Pachyclavularia spp Radioactive Dragon Eyes- Zoanthus spp Blue Tubbs Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp. Teal Palys- Palythoa spp Tickle Me Pink Zoanthids- Zoanthus spp. Orange Rhodactis Mushroom- Rhodactis spp. Orange Two Tone, Green Mouth Riccordia- Riccordia spp. Teal Green Riccordia- Riccordia spp. Ring of Fire Zoa- Zoanthus spp. Anemones: Red Bubble Tip Anemone- Entacmaea quadricolor Green Bubble Tip Anemone- Entacmaea quadricolor Inverts: Scarlet Hermits- Paguristes cadenati Skunk Cleaner Shirmp-Lysmata_amboinensis Fire (Blood) Shrimp- Lysmata debelius Peppermint Shrimp- Lysmata wurdemanni Florida Cucumber- Holothuria floridana Pom Pom Crab- Lybia tesselata Red Serpent Star- Ophioderma squamosissimus Banded Serpent Star- Ophioderma appressum Porcelain Anemone Crab- Neopetrolisthes maculosus Margarita Snails-Margarites pupillus Cerith Snails- Cerithium eburneum Asterina Starfish- Asterina spp. Micro Turbo Snails- Collonista amakusaensis Tiger Sand Conch- Strombus spp. Maroon Serpent Star- 10 nassarius snails 3 Red Tip Hermits 15 Astrea Snails Hawaiian feather Duster Worm Yellow Sponge Orange Ball Sponge with Communal Polyps Crocea Clam Macro Algaes: Botryocladia sp. Gracilaria tikvahiae Gracilaria curtissae Halymenia sp (Dragons Breath)
Tank Size: 55 gallons


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