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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: 24w12Dx15H Coralife 150w hang-on. Small computer fan mounted on lip of tank to blow across water. Temp is constant at 79.0F. Skimmer is Remore C with maxijet. Fluval 105 filter. Two Rio 400 pumps. Weekly water changes of 15%.
Advice: Monitor all parameters! Watch nitrates.
Fish Kept: Percula clown pair Yellow Citron Goby. Yellow Watchman Goby Pistol Shrimp Purple Firefish 2 Yellow striped clingfish 6 sexy shrimp 1 skunk shrimp
Corals/Plants: See Photos.
Tank Size: 20 gallons
Quote: Tomorrow is a new day
About Yourself: Started this hobby 1.5 years ago and it turned into an obsession! I really enjoy to come home and tinker with the tank each day. Everything is doing incredible. I even frag and give them to the local fish store.


This is beautiful. I am just testing the waters right now (literally, lol) and want to get started! I've seen so much discouragement about starting a saltwater with anything smaller than a 55g tank, but yours seems to be doing just fine! I want to start with a 29g, but probably not get into corals until I've sustained a FOWLR for a little while. I figure with research, time, and not overstocking, it will be ok. Yours definitely inspires me :) Any more advice for the new guys? fish avatar
Great Job I like all the colors and layout of your world. fish avatar
THIS reef is the reason I signed up for Fish Tank of the Day! Beautifully done. Congratulations on such excellent work. fish avatar
Love that tank! It is certainly reef keeping at its finest. Do you have a chiller on this system. I figured that much light would heat the water a little too much. fish avatar
is your remora have a drain fitting and skimm box are you satisfied with your ps i am looking at the remora hangon for my 55 reef fish avatar
lovely tank. dont sell think of the hard work and money you spent in caring for them . stick with it . or is it you want a bigger tank and want to start from scratch fish avatar
Gorgeous 20g Almost makes me want to go out and spend $800 on a new setup... fish avatar
Sweet Lord. This is honestly the most impressive 20 gallon reef that I have ever seen, bar none. Incredible! fish avatar
Hey! Thanks for the complements! I I have been travelling way too much recently and need to sell the tank. I am very upset with this decision, but I have no choice. Its for sale! Live in NJ. I purchase my water pre mixed from Petco and i think that helps with any shifts in salinity.I do 10% water changes weekly. I add daily, iodine, KENT part A and B for mini reefs, and vitamin C. I feed with Cyclopeeze dried and frozen stick daily as well. Temp is constant at 79 degrees. Please feel free to ask me anything you ned. fish avatar
Good gosh your tank is amazing i want my tank to look just like this except i have a twenty long. fish avatar
I love this tank / you look like you know what you are doing do you have any addvice for some one looking into getting a saltwater tank ? any and i do mean any fish avatar


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