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Country: Canada
Description: The whole thing is over 300 gallons. Was built for my green basilisk. The tank and stand are Hagen. 72"x24"x18" tank plus 2x Zoo Med xl screen cages ontop with cut outs so lizard can go in water. 3-d foam backgrounds covering the back and side of tank and enclosure. Cut out in background to make big hide. Full sand substrate in enclosure and tank. Tank has fine gravel med. gravel and med. to lg. rocks. Drift wood. All live plants. Tried to recreate as real of a Costa Rican environment so plants and fish are all based on that. Sorry couldn't tell you what they are as this is my first fish set up. Done this before but never used plants or fish. 10+ different aquatic plant species. Various Cory's, loaches and other sand sifters. 1 jack Dempsey and 1 black convict cichlids. ehiem classic 600 filter plus circulation jet for flow effect. Fluval m series heater Hidden led day/night lighting for aquarium. Zoo Med power sun 160w. And exo terra light cycle unit 2x40w uv bulbs. Bird perches various vines. Live and fake plants in enclosure. Will be taking fake plants out as real plants grow more. That's pretty much it.
Advice: Best advice I can offer is parking lots are a great place to find rocks of all sizes. Just clean them properly. Other than that. Don't dream small. Go for what u really want just be patient. It does take time to get it all. Oh and I don't work there so I am honest when I say this but big als edmonton is the best place. They haven't failed me yet. And when I compare advice or answers. Bang on. Everytime.
Corals/Plants: Various plant. Like I said first fish tank. Mostly Central American or amazonian
Tank Size: 125 gallons
About Yourself: I am mostly into reptiles but very curious about fish now. I have 3 100 gallon tanks I am gonna do same thing with just different theme. I live for my kids and have lots of them. So pretty much at home with them. Kids wanted pets I don't do hamsters and such asked if they wanted snakes or lizards and that's how we got started.


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