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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: 100 gal planted freshwater tank with two large powerheads running undergravel filter, two canister filters with max 275 gal combined capacity, and four 65 watt VHO flourescents run 8-10 hours per day. Soil is a mix of mediums averaging about four inches deep. There is a moderate current that provides excercise for fish and circulation for the plants.
Advice: Try live plants and make sure you have adequate lighting, and over-do the biological filtration. You will need to clean less often and you'll have a more stable ecosystem.
Fish Kept: 14 inch arawana, 3 8-10 inch Florida spotted gars, 2 eight inch hydro gars, 2 7 inch weather loaches, 1 6 inch talapia.
Corals/Plants: Large, medium, and small anubias, java fern, java moss, Amazon sword, and a few kinds of other medium to small nice plants.
Tank Size: 100 gallons
Quote: "respect my authoritae!" South Park
About Yourself: My father is a geology professor who helped origonate the idea of plate techtonics, my stepmother is a marine biologist who introduced me to freshwater fishtanks when she was studying crayfish behavior(she was far from the sea as we moved to Ithaca NY when I was ten). I used to raise fish I caught in the local streams and ponds. I buried flat rocks in the front corners of my tank and watched as the crayfish created their burrows, and then I was able to watch them as I had set it up so I would be able to see into their homes. I would return fish and crayfish to the stream when I went away for trips and when they got too big. I'm a respiratory therapist, I have an eight year old son, and we're both into fishtanks and N-scale trains.


Those are impressive fish. I plan on having a tank that large eventually but I don't have room or money for one right now. fish avatar
Very cool pic! fish avatar
g fish avatar
they look like crocs lol criky thats a big one hehe fish avatar
WOW!!!!!!!!!! nice tank. i wish i had the money to make a tank as big as yours. anyways VERY NICE TANK!!!!!! fish avatar
ye nice tank, duo u feed goldfish to ur gars, i wouldent like dat as i own a nice goldfish tank and wouldent wish that on any goldfish!! but i own two 5-6inch weather loaches and ur the first person ive seen on d site who owns dem, could you post a picture of dem to me , i love weather loaches there so comical!!! fish avatar
you have a nice tank. I was wondering if you could post a pic of your arawana its my favorite fish even though the two ive owned have somehow always died on me. fish avatar


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