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Photo Caption: a 60 gallon tank that contains 10 total fish, 3 south american and 6 african cichlids and one placostamous, two filters used a canister and undergravel filter, photo of the tank with the stand and canopy , sorry for being a bit blurred

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: Cascade canister filter, undergravel filter, two heaters (no name), decor is fake from the pet store, giant fake log for my plecostamous to hide, a whipser air pump with a 4 way gang valve.
Advice: Start off smart and take time. Don't rush it will just get worse. Don't get into this unless you don't mind spending some money to have a nice tank and keeping up the maintance. Before you start buying do RESEARCH, it helps to know what is good and what is bad.
Fish Kept: I have a range of 6 african and 3 south american cichlid, some of the fish include a red jewel, electric yellow, a jack dempsey, a fire mouth, green terror, bumble bee (yellow and black striped not sure the name) and a snow white ( what it said at Petsmart) and my plecostamous
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 60 gallons
About Yourself: fish hobbyists how loves to have a nice clean tank


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