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Country: United Kingdom
Description: It's not a great tank, but it will do for a beginner like me ^^ It's a 95 litre Fluval Elite Style coldwater aquarium (80x30x40cm) The lighting is a sun-glo but thats all i know :( My filtration includes a Fluval Plus 2, and a smaller Fluval Plus 1 for the extra fish I keep.
Advice: Not really as I'm new myself.. sorry :(
Fish Kept: I'm not sure of the exact names of each, but a standard Goldfish thats gradually turning white (Named Bruce), a Shubunkin (Named Sheila), a yellowy goldfish (Named Flapjack), a white fish, with a bright red slat on its head (Named Tidgey), a beautiful black goldfish (Named Side-board) and two Pearl Scales called Marble and CheesePuff. (Don't ask about the names, by fiance and brother named them all) I also have six Golden Apple snails, three black, and three regular (Two have names - Brian and Grubby)
Corals/Plants: I only have fake plants :( and no coral.
Tank Size: 25 gallons
About Yourself: I'm only a beginner and have only been into fish for the past year or so. I originally started out with a small 21 litre orange "funky" tank, then I managed to comendire my dads fish, as he was keeping it in dreadful conditions.. and by this time my ish had grown a bit, so I thought I needed a bigger tank to allow for five goldfish to survive happily, because they were looking a little cramped. I then got a bigger tank, and fell in love with the little fat cute pearl scale fish they had on sale there as well, so I got two of those aswell *slaps wrist, bad me* and I got a few more snails aswell, hoping they don't breed too much. I always wanted a big tank, because when my dad gave a damn, he kept a big wall span tropical tank, which I used to love and watch for hours when I was younger, so I thought heh, why not? :) I can't wait to get my next tank for when i move out of my mums house. I'm unfortunatly leaving my coldwater tank behind because my mum likes it too much *rolls eyes* but that also means I can now start keeping tropical fishes and am really looking forward to it, as I'm gettin great advice from the staff at my local aquatic shop! :)


Don't be so hard on yourself! It's not bad at all, really. It's probably easier to clean with fewer decorations. Since you have it set up sparsely, how about an undergravel filter? If you put two powerheads on either side, it would add lots of oxygen (which goldfish love) since it would agitate the surface quite a bit, and it would provide a lot of biological filtration. I know that UG filters get a bad rap, but they really do work - provided you keep the gravel siphoned, which is important to do with goldfish anyway since they are messy. Anyhow, just a suggestion! Your fish do look happy, keep up the good work! Do be thinking about rehoming a few of those goldfish when they are all the way grown, otherwise they're going to be packed like sardines...you probably know that! Oh, one last thing. This is a fantastic site about goldfish - kokosgoldfish dot com - do especially check out the Food section. Cheers! fish avatar


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