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Country: United Kingdom
Description: the tank.... 60x30x24 top tank and 48x18x18 sump. the returns from the sump are 2x 3500 liters. the turbo shorty aqua medic skimmer is ran by another 3500. sump contains 80 lbs of aragonite live (wet) sand and a few kilos of live rock. it has a separate nursing tank built in with own skimmer and internal pumps, rock/sand. the top tank is 15mm glass and has around 200 - 250 lbs of aragonite live (wet) sand and 180 - 220 kilos of live rock. hidden in the rock are 2x 10,000 liters per hour power heads, 4x 5,000 lph power heads an 4x 1,000 lph. central weir descending into a false sand bed, one down pipe straight into the 1st stage of the sump and the other down pipe is gravity feeding the skimmer . if you haven't already...go to youtube and search for bertie411, the video can show so much more than i can explain, ( dont forget to leave a comment lol )
Advice: find somebody you can trust and listen very carefully!!
Fish Kept: paired clowns, sail fin tang, fox face, fire fish, chromis wreck fish, cleaner wrasse, powder blue, mandarin, blue cheeked goby, dragon wrasse turbo snails, cleaner shrimps, peppermint shrimps, bi colored blenny, scooter blennys, sea serpent, long spine urchins, domino damsels, pencil urchin, red/blue and brown leg hermits
Corals/Plants: mainly mushrooms and toadstools, Xenia (several colors) polyps, duncans, trumpets, pulsing Xenia, bubble anemone mouses ear, carpet anemones,
Tank Size: 330 gallons
Quote: I'm not a man whore....I'm a fish enthusiast!
About Yourself: skint now and addicted to call of duty modern warfare 2! :)


I will start the bidding mate,would you take a shovel full of my dogs excrement for your leaking,badly made,scratched to fuck,warped cabinet,fire hazard. Ime so glad you have seen sense and are going to put them poor fish out of there pityfull existence,i knew you would buckle in the end. fish avatar
my clowns harder than your clown lol fish avatar
hey you aint the brother i never had .... lol RALLYGAZ COD4 C U L8R 100 gallon reef tank want some xenia its everywhere lol fish avatar
Why do you leave a caption please do not vote, then think someone is going to vote a 10 for you, just curious??? Nice tank by the way, and I voted a 10 for you. I also have a little valentino puffer that I love. He is too busy in our reef doing other things not to be reef safe. fish avatar
your tank is amazing. especially that puffer. just to start with that. im planning on having a system sort of like yours in the sense that its going to be big tank (125 gal) and i want a 48" sump. do you have drilled overflows? what return pump do you use? im building a stand to house my sumptank in, is this how yours is set up? sorry, i tried to message you, but it wouldnt go through. fish avatar


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