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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: 72" x 19" x 20" tank. Cichlid tank. Currently: 1x 8" JD! He started the cichlid switch! 1x rainbow sharks 1x 7" both Acei 3x 5" peacock 3x 5.5"yellow lab 1x 3" white convict 1x 4"green terror 2x 5" firemouth 1x 4" red jewel 1x 6" texas cichlid. Marineland 400 w/dual biowheels! 2-9" bubbles w/powerful aqua culture 60-120 gal. pump($10 at walmart) 6' light strip generic lights. 2-300watt heaters. 3" substrate. 85 Lbs. of river rock. 28 Lbs. of mortar sand. 40 Lbs. of gravel. It took me about 15 hrs. including 3 river trips, heavy cleaning, multiple boiling pots, several restacking and critiquing. Good thing I love Tetris!
Advice: Research at least 3-5 websites on any one question. Then double check with fish experts. DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE LOCAL PETSHOP COMMISSION PAYED EMPLOYEES!
Fish Kept: Tank #1 19 mixed cichlids 2 chinese algae eaters and 1 rainbow shark Tank #2 1 large fancy tailed goldfish 3 fancy guppy's for breeding fun 2 golden algae eaters 1 Chinese algae eater Tank #3 Auratus/Blue Johanni 3 ft. breeding tank
Corals/Plants: Several random plants I found in ponds and rivers. A couple I purchased. 4 bamboo plants. 1 onion and bulbs planted but still no good lighting yet :(
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: When in doubt, change it out.
About Yourself: My girlfriend said she wanted a fish lol. Soooo 1 125 gal. 1 55 and 1 40 gallon, currently and a few starter fish later....she didn't know what I had in mind. But I hope to make some cash while having fun at a hobby we can both enjoy. And have my son grow up learning how to take care of fish, coral and whatnot and sell em!


Hi, thanks for the comments on the ten footer. Will have to update the photo 'cause it looks better now the plants have grown. The tank below has Malawi's in it, they are all Pseudotrophus demasonis and are all four weeks old. I borrowed a friends female that was holding and once she released them he took the female back. Interesting fish to keep so I can see why you keep these cichlids. Barny. fish avatar
that a blue j.d?....nice yellow lab pic! i finally got a pic of one of my a.cichlids. they are so camera shy. check him out fish avatar
Very nice photo ! good work fish avatar


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