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Photo Caption: Group...
freshwater fish - sciaenochromis ahli - electric blue cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - My electric Blue......
freshwater fish - tilapia butterkofferi - buttikoferi cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - Tiliapia.......
fish tank picture - Lol. my mom was watching Dr.Phil.....( his in the backround)
freshwater fish - metynnis argenteus - silver dollar stocking in 75 gallons tank - Group.....
freshwater fish - albino socolofi - pseudotropheus socolofi (albino) stocking in 75 gallons tank - Group...
freshwater fish - pseudotropheus demasoni - demasoni cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - =}
corals inverts - atyopsis moluccensis - singapore flower shrimp stocking in 75 gallons tank - Waterfall shrimp. I have two of these guys.
freshwater fish - cyphotilapia frontosa - frontosa cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - Baby Frontosa
freshwater fish - mastacembelus ellipsifer - siamese spiny eel stocking in 75 gallons tank - My spiny eel...
freshwater fish - pseudotropheus socolofi (albino) - albino socolofi stocking in 75 gallons tank - White....Snow White.
75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My new 75 GALLON BEAUTY!!!
freshwater fish - labidochromis caeruleus - electric yellow cichlid stocking in 75 gallons tank - Yellow lab....
corals inverts - caridina japonica - amano shrimp stocking in 75 gallons tank - FOOD!!!
freshwater fish - glyptoperichthys gibbiceps - sailfin pleco (l-83) stocking in 75 gallons tank - This is my Pleco named Juggernaut!

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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: Mostly Cichlid fish tank. I also have crabs, shrimp, black ghost, sliver dollars, eels, and a pleco. I didn't want to get a saltwater tank because I have heard its costly and take alot of time and expeirence. I wanted to make a very nice tank of colorful and tropical freshwater fish. cichlids are very colorful and amusing to watch and feed.
Advice: Don't put money and time into this hobby unless your sure you won't get sick of it or lose interest. Also tank care of fish, their beautiful creatures and should be treated well.
Fish Kept: Cichlids ( African and S.A) Plecos dainos shrimp crabs catfish silver dollars spiny eels knifefish loaches
Corals/Plants: NONE
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: We're gonna' need a bigger boat!


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