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State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Description: i have a mistake in fish population i know. all blue paradise fish...males and females. there are plenty of hiding places and they do behave for the most part. rocks are from a local creek and a few artificial plants. it is 55 gallons(traditional dimensions), tetra filter system, 200W heater. tank is at a constant 78 degrees. dense artificial plant on left wrapped through artificial log. a little bit of crushed coral and some sea shells to hold PH a little higher for better fish color.
Advice: take your time with tanks. do not overstock your tanks!! check fish tank mates before you purchase fish so that you can have the variety that you may want eventually. test the water in a new tank with inexpensive fish to make sure that they can survive before you go spending lots of money on expensive fish. do not over-feed your fish. once in the morning and once at night in small amounts is good. over-feeding clouds the water. if your tank is by a window expect green water and excessive algae growth. lots of water changes needed if this happens to clear it up(i learned the hard way)
Fish Kept: 55 Gallon- male and female blue paradise gourami 29 Gallon- 3 south american cichlids and a small jack dempsy that is growing too fast 26 Gallon- 4 south american cichlids 10 Gallon- 4 zebra danios and 2 mollies 10 Gallon- 2 goldfish and 2 platies 10 Gallon- temporary housing for a small parrot fish
Corals/Plants: all artificial...real rocks from a creek in the
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: it is what it is
About Yourself: I got into fish tanks because i won some fair fish about a year ago. bought a 10 gallon tank to put them in (they're still alive!!). things just took off from there. i fell in love with the hobby. just got my 55 Gallon about 2 weeks ago.


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