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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: My total system is 210gallon system..containing 125 gal mixed south american and central american set ( 1 flowerhorn, 1 synsm/flowerhorn, 1 green terror, 1 jack dempsey, 4 orange severums, 2 gold severums, 2 green severums, 2 firemouths, 2 birchirs, 4 clown loaches, 4 rams, 2 kribs,4 corys, 10 tiger barbs, and a few more I can't remeber......30 breeder contains 2 fire mouths....20 long contains 2 kribs...15 gallon contains 3 dwarf gouramis..12 rasbar barbs....2 kribs...and a ton of plants....all tanks are connected to a 75 gal sump
Advice: Water changes...water changes...I feed heavy every day..and do 90% water changes every week....I also put a layer of peat moss in my sump which the water flows threw to keep my water soft and a low ph....also this whole system runs off of one pump which feeds all tanks and I drilled all tanks to drain into sump
Fish Kept: 4 orange severums 2 gold severums 2 green severums 1 tiger oscar 1 flower horn 4 fire mouths 1 jack dempsey 2 bichirs 1 gold gouramie 1 opal gouramie 8 rams 4 kribs 4 pleco 1 bumble bee catfish 1 angel fish 1 coral gouramie 1 flame gouramie 10 tiger barbs 12 rasbara barbs 4 clown loaches 1 blue loach 4 corys 1 salvini cichlid 1 green terror 1 honey gouramie
Corals/Plants: Javamoss Anubis Ferns And other plants....I use a lot of plants
Tank Size: 210 gallons
Quote: i got fish tanks...with cichlids in it!!!!!
About Yourself: I got into hobby about 3 years ago .....I started with a 40 breeder....since then I had over thirty different tanks set up over the last few years...fresh...salt...planted...reef...sa/ca cichlids...african cichilids...barb...catfish....125 to nanos.... I also built some custom set ups for people and set tanks up for people....I'm a true beleiver in the sump system fresh or salt...I do plumbing and electrical by trade so this set up is the most effiecent setup I have done to date all ligths are t5 ho one return pump and two heaters is what runs this system.... I love designing tanks for people and setting them up....to be continued


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