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State: California
Country: United States
Description: Tank #1 -55 Gallon (L48" x W13" x H21") Glass: BRACKISH (marine salt, NOT aquarium salt). -FILTER: Marineland Emperor PF0280B with Bio-wheel. -Lights 2x 23" model 24RFH. +blue accent light for night time (LED). -HEATER: Profile adjustable heater (78degrees) -Aquaculture Air pump Dual heads for 20-60gallons. -24" Bubbel curtain. Tank #2 -15 Gallon Freshwater (78degrees) FILTER: AQUATECH 5-15 Tank #3 -10 Gallon Freshwater (78 degrees) FILTER: Marineland Penguine mini-100
Advice: DON'T RUSH IT! I know thats its exciting to set up a fish tank but trust me, you will be sorry if you rush into things before your ready, or your tank is ready. -CYCLE YOUR TANK FIRST, check and test your water regularly! I look at my temp gauge probably 30 times a day because heaters do act up sometimes and you need to catch it before the temp goes crazy high or low. -LOOK...at your fish, each one every day, notice if they change behavior, look for bite marks, nipped fins, signs of disease like ich or velvet, fin rot etc. Are they eating? Do you have one fish that hogs all the food? feed accordingly. DONT OVERFEED! ONLY ONE PERSON SHOULD FEED THE FISH! that way overfeeding it less likely to occur. WEAR GLOVES when you are putting your hands in the water, for your own protection! -RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, find out for yourself... and always double check any and all info with mutiple sources and then use your best judgement. Never assume petstore people are telling you anything thats is right because 9 times out of 10 they are WRONG, and you, your wallet and your fishes pay for it big time. ~And lastly please please DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS! Fish hate that! Anytime fish become stressed they release ammonia which is like poison for all the fish in your tank! Good Luck:)
Fish Kept: Green Spotted Puffers Figure Eight Puffers Black Mollies Bumble Bee Gobys Colombian Shark Asian Upside Down Catfish Convict Sunburst Platys Silver Scats Ruby Scats Green Scats Trumpet Snails Ramshorn Snails Fidler Crabs Guppies
Corals/Plants: Anacharis (Egeria najas), Java Fern
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: "A great tank keeper is one who knows every inch of the tank, every rock, every current, every hide out as good as the fish who live within it." ~Me 2010
About Yourself: I love all animals and have many. Dogs, birds, chickens, and fish of course. When it comes to fish... I live "in" my tank which means I understand how it works from the inside out and I get great joy fromit... I love my fishys!!!


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