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Country: Malaysia
Description: Dont have much money for bigger tank, so basically this what i got. a 15 gallons small planted tank, with 22w of 'TL' lightings, a smallest water chiller, using "Algone' algae control pack, A water surface skimmer by Hagen, i started this hobby since early 2007, basically still an amature on keeping a planted tank with fish and shrimp. Currently theres 9 Tetras, 4 Otos, 2 Sesame algae eaters, 4 Red Crystal Shrimp (C), 2 Red Cherry Shrimps, 4 Babis fish and alot of babies Ramson Snails -_-"
Advice: keep trying no matter how many "deaths" there were :P but do keep track on your spending budget
Fish Kept: erm.. Tetras, ramson snails, Red Crytals Shrimp (C), Red Cherry Shrimps, Otos, there are some more, but dont know the names :P
Corals/Plants: did try out 6-7 types including bottom land plants (dont know what it's name is) sorry i dont really know the names but so far my tank only have moss and the big leaf plant as you can see :) to me is the easiest way to keep a small thank neat and tidy.
Tank Size: 15 gallons
Quote: Never Try Never Know
About Yourself: i'm a guy from malaysia basically started fish keeping since earlier 2007. how i started this hobby cause i think keeping fishes are quite relaxing when you watch them swim around, and another factor is that i've kept other pets like dogs, chipmunks, hamsters, birds, tortise, rabbits, so basically havent try fishes yet so this tank is my first tank. Been thru alot of trails and errors just to get it to the looks as it now, which is what i always wanted since i'd start this hobby . to have nice green real planted tank :) will move to bigger tank when i have enough money and space .. wish me luck


I love your tank! It's gorgeous, and your photography is flawless. What you have is Badis Badis with a D, but it seems to me you have the Scarlet Badis which is actually Dario Dario. If you go to Google and type "badis and dario practical fishkeeping" you'll find the first hit is a fantastic article. Your Siamese algae eater will probably outgrow 15 gallons, maybe try Otocinclus instead? You could put anywhere from 3 to 6 of them in this little tank and they would take care of any algae. I just thought I would share those tips, it's hard to locate info online without the right names. Keep up the fantastic work on your gorgeous little tank. Takashi Amano would be proud! :) fish avatar


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