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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: I have a 30 gallon tropical freshwater tank with a biowheel filter and a 26 gallon coldwater tank with an Aqueon 30 filter. For aeration, I like the bubble wands that make a nice wall of bubbles toward the back of the tank. Just don't put them in line with the heater or the filter. I keep my tropical tank at 80 to 82 degrees and the goldfish tank at about 70 to 72 degrees. You really don't need a heater for the goldfish tank, but I have heard and read that keeping the temperature from fluctuating too much is better for the fish. I keep the tropical tank at 80 to 82 degrees to keep ich away, I also put in aquarium salt, 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water, also keep ich away and prevents fish stress. Do not use table salt, only use salt labelled for aquariums. Most table salt is iodized and iodine will kill your fish. I do not keep salt in the goldfish tank, it is not good for goldfish.
Advice: Take your time, read, read, read. Add fish slowly. Learn about water testing, tank cycling and proper maintenance. My favorite book for learning about fish care....."Aquariums For Dummies". Great book! Keeping fish has been my greatest lesson in patience, other than parenting 3 little boys of course! It all looks very intimidating, but once you get it going, it is quite easy.The enjoyment is well worth the work.
Fish Kept: In the 30 gallon, I have 2 Tin Foil barbs, 1 marble angelfish, 1 striped angelfish, 2 dwarf gouramis,1 swordtail, 1 rainbow shark, 1 tricolor shark, 1 chocolate ghost knifefish (he hides behind the filter output so we never see him, hence the name "ghost"), 2 clown loaches, and 1 pleco. In the 26 gallon I have a few goldfish including 2 calicos, 1 lionhead, 1 red and white and 1 black moor, with a catfish and 2 snails, Larry and Garry.
Corals/Plants: I have a variety of plastic and silk plants, as well as some natural rock in the tropical tank. I have a large branch in the goldfish tank surrounded by a nice variety of colorful fake plants. I am not interested in live plants at the moment, but I like to create a natural looking environment for the fish.
Tank Size: 30 gallons
Quote: Common sense is making a comeback!
About Yourself: I'm a stay at home married Mom of 3 little boys, who love their "fishies". My father kept fish when I was little and when my husband and I got married almost 10 years ago, we always talked about getting a fish tank one day. First, our apartment was too small, then the kids were too little, then we were fixing the house on and off for 7 years straight, then finally we got our little 10 gallon tank a little over a year ago, but quickly upgraded to a 30 gallon after 8 months or so when our angelfish started to outgrow the tank. Then we decided to get a few goldfish for the 10 gallon, but of course I got the bug to get another larger tank for them too. Now the 10 gallon is for sale on Craigs list, lol.


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