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Country: Quatar
Description: We are in the midst of redoing all of our tanks, this was the first to be redone. Specifics: It's a Jewel 240, with canister filtration system, it has t he internal filter as well keeping it cute. One of the most important part of any tank is the purity of the water, so along with the canister filters we have 1200W UV light that clarifys and purifys the water. That gives the water the crystal clear appearance and not the dingy whitish water. All of our tanks have different set ups but its the UV light that keeps things be-bopping along.
Advice: Take it slow! - Or sometimes be willing to take losses. And definately do your homework to ensure you are capable of supporting your fish and it's needs.
Fish Kept: In this tank we have our flowerhorn, a catfish, two butterfly fish, and some chiclid rams, there is a pleco who's grown quite a bit, and a few barbs that hang around the base of the drift wood. This tank represents, peace and tranquility! :) And luck of course.
Corals/Plants: Had this one full of live plants before, but they were quickly turned into lunch for the tank inhabitants.
Tank Size: 60 gallons
Quote: "Light travels faster than sound, that's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak"
About Yourself: I'm and avid fish-goer. I took up this art (because it's not just a hobby) years ago to actually learn the feeding habits of various types of fish. Why? I love to fish, and seeing how fish are and how they eat, helped me with figuring out just how to refine my sport fishing. Also, there is nothing better than coming home and feeling the peace and tranquility of being able to watch the our personal National Geographic at home. We have seven tanks, each built out with separate habitas, everything from African set ups, amazon set ups, river and tropics. I try to get fish that are unique and rarely find in home aquariums. I love having friends over who feel as if they should have paid an entrance fee just to see the exhibits we have set up. Lastly, although a very expensive habit, it's something I can do at home and save from having to go out and look for fun!


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